Monday, 28 November 2016

Guess who goes after Phelan in Coronation Street?

Ooh!  Today I got my hands on the first of the two festive double issues of Inside Soap magazine.  And what a joy it is, there are Christmas spoilers galore inside.  And so, without any further ado, here we go with some teasers of storylines in the run up to Christmas on the cobbles. 

Michael's fake son plans revenge on Pat Phelan.  "This is war," a Corrie insider tells Inside Soap magazine. "Andy is fixated on making Phelan pay."

When Gail and the Platt family head out to scatter Michael's ashes, they're told that the official cause of death for Michael was a heart attack. But Andy's not buying that and determines to pin the blame for Michael's death on Phelan.

Andy manages to piece together enough of what's happened to draw his own conclusions. He's just waiting for a chance to deliver his revenge on Phelan that will shock the Corrie villain to his core.

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Shells said...

Finally Andy gets a real storyline!

He hasn't had much since the false identity one.

Anonymous said...

Yesss! So happy to hear this. I've always liked Andy and the actor who plays him, and at the moment, he's conveying more smouldering grief and anger than Gail. Fantastic that the writers are weaving together their story lines, so more characters are pulled into the narratives and there's more sense of continuity. Will be a satisfyingly ironic touch if the fake son makes up for his fraud by exposing the murderer of his "father." Will also serve Phelan right for the derisive comments he made earlier about Andy and Michael as the two ultimate losers--fake father and son. I always thought their relationship was rather touching--Michael could atone for not being there for Gavin, while he became for Andy the kind and loving father figure Andy never had.

Cobblestone said...

I was hoping we'd be travelling in this direction. I'm hoping they don't entirely drop Andy's writing ambitions though. I wonder if there might not be potential for a friendship with Eng Lit student, Daniel.

Anonymous said...

wonderful idea Cobblestone - that could provide both men with background and storylines. I hope they go that way. I just really hope that they don't use the animosity between Andy & Pat as a reason to axe Andy from the show completely. I think we have had enough funerals for this year. Besides Andy is a great character and should be on the street for at least another couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Andy chasing after рhelan? I'm sure he's shaking in his boots! Andy is as weak as michael was!

Maricha said...

Yes, it's time we saw more of Andy. Phelan may not be scared but he'd do well to be; it's dumb luck for him that Michael's heart gave in when it did. Andy has no such health problems and if he has enough imagination to write, he has enough to figure it out and put together an exposé that may have more people looking into Phelan's other ventures.