Friday, 18 November 2016

Who's related to who in the Barlow clan? Find out here!

Last night's Coronation Street was ace, I thought. It moved quickly and a lot happened.

And that look - that look - between Peter and Tracy as they discussed Daniel being the child that Ken had always wanted. Oh, Corrie, you spoil us. What a joy that was.

But as much as I enjoyed watching last night's Corrie I was left feeling a bit confused. We've already got the Barlow family tree - have a look here - but in a nutshell is a "who's related to who" in the Barlow clan - currently on screen.

Adam Barlow is...

Mike Baldwin and Susan Barlow's son
Ken's grandson
Peter's nephew
Tracy's nephew but they are not blood related
Daniel's nephew 
Amy cousin but they are not blood related
Simon's cousin

Daniel Osbourne is...

Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne's son
Peter's half-brother
Tracy's half-brother but they are not blood related
Adam's uncle
Amy's uncle but they are not blood related
Simon's uncle

And I thought the Connor clan were confusing!

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C in Canada said...

Thank you for that, I asked yesterday about why all the different last names, and you delivered!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Ken adopted Tracy which is why she refers to Ken as her father, not her step-father. Although Peter and Tracy refer to each other as 'step-siblings', they are actually 'adoptive siblings'. Likewise with Susan and Tracy. Susan's son is Adam. Therefore Tracy is Adam's adoptive aunt. Amy is Adam's adoptive cousin. Daniel is Ken's son. Tracy's relationship to him is the same as with Peter and Susan, ie he's her adoptive sibling and Amy's adoptive uncle. Half siblings share a parent so are blood related. Ken is not Tracy's birth father. To give an example from another family: Gary and Faye are adoptive siblings. In law, it doesn't matter whether the adoptee is the child of a spouse or of other parents.

It's interesting that Peter and Tracy say they are step-siblings. One reason is to distance themselves from each other and it's often when one party is behaving badly. The other reason may be that the writers want to avoid referring to adoption in those circumstances because of 'nature or nurture' issues.

Anonymous said...

Humpty you did not need to give such a detailed gave more confusion to what was simply stated.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Adam be a Baldwin - his father's last name?

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