Monday, 28 November 2016

Nick and Peter set for a ding-dong this Christmas

Ooh!  Today I got my hands on the first of the two festive double issues of Inside Soap magazine.  And what a joy it is, there are Christmas spoilers galore inside.  And so, without any further ado, here we go with some teasers of storylines in the run up to Christmas on the cobbles. 

Nick and Peter will come to blows again this Christmas, and this time over Leanne (yet again). 

The festive feud of Barlow v Tilsley begins when Leanne's sister Toyah in Liverpool invites Leanne, Nick and Simon to spend Christmas with her.  This makes Leanne feel guilty that Simon won't be spending Christmas with his Peter and so she offers to go Chrimbo shopping with Peter to choose Simon's present.

And, as you might guess, paranoid Nick jumps to the wrong conclusion and ends up raging, thinking there's summat going on between Leanne and Peter.

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Anonymous said...

If I were Leeanne,I wuld leave Nick now!
He had a one night stand with his brother's wife,hid behind mummy and yet he's paranoid over her and Peter doing Christmas shopping for Simon?!
Is that the best the writers can do?!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anon 16:01 Nick doesn't have much to offer, he has no emotions, thinks he can command anybody to do what he wishes, well sometimes life just doesn't work like that. I don't blame Leanne for feeling much more appreciated and comfortable with Peter, heck who wouldn't???

Ancient corrier said...

I have always thought Peter is the father of Leanne's baby. I'm still hoping this is true and they will eventually end up getting back together.

Maricha said...

I'd be fine with Leanne ending up with Peter but for completely different reasons. Nick's episodes of bad behavior are few and far between while Peter, like Leanne, piles on one mistake after another. They're a matched pair. I love watching them but they're nothing but trouble.

Jan said...

I really don't like Nick at all, he is selfish and a right misery guts.

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