Saturday, 26 November 2016

Adam snogs Maria in Coronation Street

Maria's going to make Aidan jealous when he finds her with another fella in Coronation Street.

In upcoming scenes to be shown during the week of December 5th to 9th, Maria's hurt when Aidan tells her he has no intention of finishing with Eva for her.

Meanwhile, Maria catches Adam's wandering eye and he casts admiring glances towards her. Tracy warns him that Maria’s a bunny boiler and he’d be best to steer clear.  But when Maria spies Aidan on the Street, she leans in to Adam for a snog to make Aidan jealous.

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Abercrombie said...

Oh please....! One troubled lady - how healthy is it to try to start a relationship on that basis, using people? Bah! These silly scenarios annoy me.

Beth said...

Why does Maria just jump in and out of relationships when she has a little boy to consider? If Corrie is meant to mirror real life (when it really tries at big subjects) shouldn't we see a single mum put her child first at times?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Maria should put her child first, but then again, I guess there wouldn't be too many storylines without people falling into and out of relationships. I think Maria & Adam are made for each other: both shallow and self-centered.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't Maria behind bars? has she really got the nouse to escape? or have I missed something?

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