Monday, 28 November 2016

Corrie's Michelle and Robert - mistletoe kiss or miss?

Ooh!  Today I got my hands on the first of the two festive double issues of Inside Soap magazine.  And what a joy it is, there are Christmas spoilers galore inside.  And so, without any further ado, here we go with some teasers of storylines in the run up to Christmas on the cobbles. 

Michelle and Robert feature in the festive spoilers as the two of them become even more friendly than they already are.

With Steve having so much on his mind at the moment, he hasn't noticed that Michelle and Robert have become friends.  And while things between Michelle and Robert have been platonic so far - are things set to change this festive season?

When the two of them carry out a Bistro delivery together, they enjoy a laugh and there's a moment when something seems to pass between them, says Inside Soap.

Would pregnant Michelle cheat on Steve, though? Hmm...

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Anonymous said...

As in the case with her fling with Will,I am not looking forward to Steve being suddenly portrayed as a neglectful husband again to justify Michelle cheating on him again.
Of course there will be a catfight between Tracy and Michelle!

Anonymous said...

This may all come to fruition when Michelle finds out about Steve and Leanne!

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Robert have no chemistry, unlike Leanne and Robert, who had it in spades.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Anonymous at 17.57, that's because Jane Danson is such a good actress and can make Leanne work with anyone. Apart from Kal, where even she and Jimi Mistry couldn't make it work.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Anonymous and Humpty

Anonymous said...

Because we haven't seen either Michelle or Steve lately it's really hard to decide which way this will pan out. I would rather see Michelle with Robert than bland Steve who is always moaning about how sad his life is. Steve needs to get a grip and man-up.

Anonymous said...

Not seeing Michelle is not a blessing in disguise, it's just a blessing! :)

Jan said...

I find it really distasteful for a woman pregnant with her husband's child to have an affair.