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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Corrie weekly update - Eileen & Gail truce? Over Michael's dead body!

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Coronation Street’s on a roll at the moment. So much so that the action is coming thick and fast.  I’ll do my best, as always, to condense it as much as I can into a cobble-shaped update of fun.  And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

“I’m not your daughter, mum. I’m just gay!” says Todd to Eileen when she gushes on about wedding dresses.  But before she can get online at Brides-R-Us to order her frock for her wedding to Phelan, he goes and does a runner.  However, this being the world of soap, he doesn’t run too far. Phelan’s ready to fly off to Mexico with Vinny and the money they’ve scammed from people who’ve put down a deposit on the flats. But Vinny flits on his own, with all of the cash, leaving Phelan feeling duped on the Street.  Todd calls a meeting in the Rovers to let everyone know what’s happened to the flats, to Vinny and Phelan, to their money. But just as Todd’s about to speak, in comes Phelan and he tells everyone that Vinny’s to blame. Phelan says he’s just an innocent, like them all, duped by Vinny’s scam. Todd has the decency to squirm.  Eileen chucks Phelan out but then tells him he can move back in to Sean’s old room until he gets himself sorted out. Oh Eileen, oh ‘eck.

Speaking of Sean, he and Norris get another lodger when Brian negotiates his way inside Emily’s house.

Michael’s funeral takes place and Gail says goodbye to yet another dead husband. Andy’s more upset than you’d imagine him to be, and is determined to get the truth about what happened to his ‘dad’.  He and Anna engage in conspiracy theories about Phelan, they’re on to him, but what can they do to prove that he had a hand in Michael’s death and the building scam?  Anna tells Gail everything she knows about Phelan and the scam and there’s a very touching scene between Eileen and Gail as they bond over Michael’s dead body.

Cathy engages Michelle as her and Roy’s wedding planner. Roy, as we all are, is feeling uneasy about his upcoming wedding to Cathy and sacks Michelle as fast as he can.

Gemma wins her Good Samaritan Award and Rita dresses her as a Rita mini-me, in some lovely scenes. However, Gemma’s not happy that she didn’t get to meet singer Peter Andre, as had been promised by the awards organiser.  So Chesney arranges for Pedro Andre, a look-a-like, to turn up on the cobbles instead. Gemma’s over the moon and goes in for a snog. “Not on the mouth!” Pedro cries “Not the mouth!”

Secrets are exposed at the Barlows this week when Tracy nicks Daniel’s keys and goes to his flat for a look around. She discovers the flat’s a mess, there’s no furniture there and no sign of Denise, Daniel’s mum.  Daniel’s forced to tell the Barlows the truth about his mum; that she abandoned him when he was 15 and he’s lived on his own ever since. He’s also in trouble with a loan shark who’s been creeping around the cobbles looking for him too. 

Adam’s got secrets too. His posh Jag goes missing from outside No. 1 and although he pretends he’s upset that it’s been nicked, it’s had it taken as some sort of insurance scam. 

And there’s another revelation when Peter admits he wants to become a cabbie for Streetcars. I do hope he’ll get on with Fat Brenda.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, an only-very-recently- dry alcoholic as a cab driver? Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

Anonymous said...

Why? He's been dry for over 2 years. What time scale is acceptable?

Maricha said...

Did Peter ever drink and drive though? He seemed to get drunk on his own time.
I'm not sure what else he can do unless he wants to be a florist at Tracy's shop. I doubt he can be a bookie after failing to pay up on Rob's bet and aside from tending bar at the Bistro or Rovers what jobs are there?

Anonymous said...

Well he could always pack knickers and flirt with all the young ladies. That would perk up scenes in the factory and make Aidan grit his teeth, could be quite hilarious.
I had to chuckle when you mentioned Fat Brenda as it seems like eons since anyone has mentioned her. Good fun and to think it all comes down to Steve Huett (not sure of the spelling)for giving her a persona in the first place. Always good for a laugh.

Rapunzel said...

Am absolutely loving Corrie at the moment. A lot to do with all the new characters being returning ones. There is more depth, less span. And, as many have mentioned, the Barlow family has its mojo back again. Can't wait now for Toyah and Rosie

Anonymous said...

Rapunzel I agree with you. Initially I was not looking forward to Rosie & Sophie returning, but if the writers can continue on this theme of the Barlow family then I am all for it. Bring it on.

C in Canada said...

It's true that job opportunities are thin on the ground on the street. A cabbie seems to be a good fit for him, and he is good friends with Steve. Scenes with Peter, Eileen, Tim and Steve would be lively in the cab office, and I can already see him sitting in The Chair.
I doubt he'd want to work with Tracey, the fact'ry seems to be a max capacity as is the corner shop and the Kabin, he can't cut hair, and everything else is alcohol related.
Besides, there is NO way Nick will let him work at the Bistro anyway.
Cabbie is a good fit.

coconno196 said...

Why does he have to work on the Street? I'd love it if he broke tradition and got a job in the city centre, or maybe even retrained. Can't see it happening though.


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