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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Pat Phelan - Villain du jour

For me, Pat Phelan is one of the top Corrie villains ever. He's surpassed Richard Hillman on my list and is pretty close to equal ranking with Tony Gordon. Pat's latest misdeeds were to scam loads of people out of their life savings for a construction project for posh flats that was never going to happen and last night, when confronted by Michael Rodwell who found proof of this, he walked away when Michael had a fatal heart attack.

For Phelan to survive this and stay on the show, he'll have to spin it. Vinny masterminded it all and Phelan? He was as much of a victim as anyone else. Nobody's going to believe it but if there's no proof, he might pull it off for now. Todd knows the truth but Todd's in the scam just as deep.

Eventually, he'll have to pay for his misdeeds but until then I'm going to enjoy watching what comes next. Top marks to Connor McIntyre for his excellent performances.

I've done a longer blog about Pat Phelan and his villainy over on State of the Street.

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Anonymous said...

Have to disagree. I can't take the villainy of Pat Phelan because he has no offsetting redeeming qualities to help one root a bit for him. Even Richard Hillman and Tony Gordon cared for at least one other person in their lives and down deep really wanted to be loved; they had inner torment. Pat Phelan is just a narcissist in my opinion. Can't wait to see him taken down!!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Can't stand Phelan and I don't think he has any redeeming features at all. But even worse, for me, is the fact that Eileen still doesn't realise who she is living with. Anna knows he doesn't really love her or indeed want to marry her. But the longer Phelan remains undetected, the longer it will be before stupid Eileen gets her long overdue comeuppance. And I can't wait.

Janet said...

Phelan is smarmy and only out for himself but that makes Connor a good actor because he makes Phelan into a real unlikable character

Louby said...

Connor plays Phelan extremely well. He is a different category villain to Tony Gordon and Richard Hillman, yes, he only cares about himself. It's just a shame that the plot won't include Michael seeing him get his come uppence , and see Eileen realise what's been going on.

Anonymous said...

Have loved Phelan since the Owen, Anna, Gary story. I don't find him shallow at all--a fantastic portrayal of a psychopath, with incredible nuance. Every time I see him performing, I'm reminded that this is what a true psychopath is; not someone with evil tatooed on his forehead but very plausible, charming, quick on his feet, able to feign a range of emotions but unable to truly feel or to forge a deep or caring relationship with anyone. I like the way too the actor suggests that he actually does like Eileen, Jason as much as he is capable of--it just doesn't mean much. And the chilling glimpses of sadism too--first watching Anna suffer; he got off on that, and now Michael. I still remember Anna's words to Owen: "He took everything you had, then he took me." I find the character very plausible, consistent from his earliest behavior on the street till now. It's just that we're seeing more and more of him as the story progresses and he gets more screen time, but it all ties in very well with his earliest behavior. I liked Tony Gordon as a villain too, but found some of his behavior pretty implausible--like his sudden decision to murder Liam. Hillman, I found anyways, was a pretty conventional baddie. John Stape, hilarious, but he often wasn't meant to be taken seriously, alot of the deaths that followed him were tragi-comic. But Phelan's fantastic, in large part because of the actor!

PoidaPete said...

He plays the character so well I cringe and feel like vomiting every time he's on screen. I will be happy to see him get his comeuppance eventually. A top villain.


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