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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 25 November 2016

I do love a good Corrie drama, even the odd stunt, but the most enjoyable aspect of watching for me has always been intimately experiencing the lives of its characters as if you’re the unseen guest at every table. Friday’s double Corrie captured that feeling perfectly as we were nestled upfront alongside the Barlows, Platts, Nazirs, and those collected in the Rovers, to witness events unfold.

Daniel Osbourne is undoubtedly my favourite new addition to the street. He’s unique, clever and compelling with a feisty streak, and I’m loving Rob Mallard’s subtle performance of this intriguing character. We’ve now learned that his mother Denise left him to fend for himself aged 15 with little more than a few debit card deposits, phone calls and a smattering of visits at Christmas and birthdays. It also transpires that the shady individual peering in the window of number 1 may be a debt collector, after Daniel was left with no choice but to take out a loan he couldn’t repay.

The fact that Daniel has been needlessly scorned at by all but Peter and Ken is a testimony to how different he is to people who have yet to see the like of him on the street, and I was relieved to see this latest revelation soften Tracy towards him. Adam is another story, however. He seems to be permanently sneering, particularly at Daniel, and once we learned that the stealing of his expensive hire car is a scam he’s set to profit from, I found it frankly sinister that he was intent on pinning the blame for this on Daniel. This is not endearing Adam to me I’m afraid.

Ken watching the cars depart for Michael’s funeral as he emerged from the medical centre alone, Tracy having forgotten to accompany him, was a lonely sight which was beautifully shot. It also foreshadowed the news that if he experiences any more stress, it could lead to a fatal stroke. Ken reveals this to Peter who steps up to the plate, gathers the clan together for a peaceful meal, and arranges for Adam and Daniel to move into Dev’s flat above the shop. The fact that they haven’t been getting along is mainly down to Adam, so it’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. The positive thing is that they’re agreeing to do so without quibble for Ken’s sake. I’m loving the new Barlows, and particularly Peter as the calm, measured patriarch holding the whole thing together.

As we bid farewell to Michael, we witnessed arguably his greatest legacy; a truce between Gail and Eileen. While all wish to forget about the flats and arguments for the day that’s in it, Andy can’t, and even though a visit to Phelan seems to reassure him, he still looks suspicious concerning what exactly happened.

As Zeedan turns 21, the wonderful Yasmeen tries to keep her best face out for the sake of his birthday, but he can’t as Rana incurs his wrath by encouraging Alya to bring her card and present in person. We already heard Zeedan say he wants to know she will respect his decisions, and now he’s angry about his future wife going behind his back. Rana, however, retaliates to say she doesn’t like pig headed, macho men. It was great to see her come into her own in this episode, and even though they made up, I’m wondering if their different attitudes will make them compatible.

I really enjoyed Dev’s visit to Yasmeen. His awkwardness at calling over regarding money was offset by her offer of a meal and her dignity in the face of the financial problems they share because of Sharif.

Elsewhere, the scenes in the Rovers were simply a joy as Brian, Mary, Rita and Norris set about putting the world to rights, undoubtedly over a dubonnet, a gin and halves of Newton & Ridley’s finest, none of which Norris seemed enthused to pay for. That is, until he managed to score another lodger in the form of Brian, and he’s more than happy to stun everyone by buying a round. I’ve loved every minute of Brian Packham’s return in the capable hands of the brilliant Peter Gunn, and I'm delighted he's set to become ensconsced at the centre of the street.

As I have done with a number of Corrie episodes of late, I watched these twice, and long may my urge to do so continue.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes
Facebook: @EmmaHynesWrites
Instagram: emmalouhynes

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Peter is possibly my all-time favourite, at least in his present incarnation. I hope Chris G stays and that he's given time off for other projects. This could be a great hand-over between the head of the Barlow family and the heir apparent.

Great write up, Emma. I missed last night's offerings and haven't time to watch on catch-up.

Emma Hynes said...

Thank you, Humpty, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Peter is certainly my all-time favourite and his role in negotiating the younger and older Barlows is inspired.

Maricha said...

Thanks for the review Emma.
Zeedan seems too young to marry, if he doesn't mature and learn to get some perspective on things he'll end up being the same sort of pompous hypocrite as his grandather.

Anonymous said...

I actually really, really enjoyed last night's episodes, something that I haven't done in a long time. I also have watched them twice and just may even do a 3rd. I'm loving this new Peter, who is kind, loving, sensible and everything that he wasn't when he left. It's no wonder that Nick is jealous. How could Leanne possibly stay faithful to wooden Nick with Peter, given their history, is so full of life and positive thinking. Yes, I was right about Adam, it wasn't Daniel after all that was the sinister character with something to hide. It was just too obvious that Adam with flashing the cash around had a lot more to hide. And finally, for once, they had the people who should have been at the funeral there, and not just filled the empty spaces with extras that we have never seen before. Wonderful finally.

Tvor said...

Friday night's episodes were superb. With Damon Alexis-Rochfort at the pen, you knew it would be good and I wasn't let down. Wonderful to see Gail and Eileen bury the hatchet. Surprised that Adam engineered the car heist.

Shells said...

Enjoyed the Barlows! I thought Andy went to get close to Phelan, and fool Phelan into a false sense of complacency. I don't think Andy believes a word from Phelan. Michael's departure should finally give Andy a good storyline.

abbyk said...

Agree with all on Peter. It's nice to see those acting chops being used for something besides a downward spiral of destruction. And what Shells said about Andy, hadn't considered that.

My only miss last night was a quibble, that Best Friend Sally wasn't at the funeral. Les Dennis' departure was planned far in advance, she could have been worked in.

Rapunzel said...

AbbyK didn't someone say that Sally was minding Lilly and Harry?

Flo said...

Count me in with the Peter loving group here. He had the best line in the whole episode too with "nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."

And could it be that we may finally see a good story line involving Andy???? Please, please, please!

Anonymous said...

So it appears that Dev is expecting Yasmeen to cough up the money that Shariff stole even though she has no interest in the gym how does that work in law.
I would have thought that there is no way she could be held responsible for Shariff's actions and Dev should be getting on to the police and his insurance company concerning the theft not harassing Yasmeen.

Maricha said...

I think it's because Cal was originally a partner and Sharif was running his grandchildren's share in the gym that Dev is talking to Yasmeen.
Still, I think she should be his last resort not his first stop. Even though it often happens that spouses are responsible for each other's debts, there has to be an effort made to get the money back from the person who took it. Sharif has said where he's gone to and he surely had a car, money and other valuables. Why not report this to the authorities or a debt collector?
If that didn't work, Yasmeen knows the 15000 pound deposit on the flat is gone but Alya's machine, which cost almost as much, is still at UnderWorld.

Anonymous said...

It's like a breath of fresh has blown away the cobwebs and Corrie feels energised at the moment, really enjoying it.
The Nazirs seem livelier and more interesting, I think it was a stroke of luck that Sharif had to be written out as it's created an even better storyline than they would have had and, in all honesty, I thought he was a terrible actor.
Rob Mallard is giving a great performance, and the Barlows all gathered around the dining-table had a lovely 'cosy' feel, the cosiness being what I've always loved about Corrie in the past.

Anonymous said...

I also was blown away by Corrie's Friday episodes - yeah we finally get our Corrie back. Everything, everybody was just fantastic and I have to admit that I'm rather looking forward to the episodes week of December 5 and as the previews look rather promising. It may have taken a while, but I think we are actually on the right track. Yeah again. Double Yeah.

abbyk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abbyk said...

Thanks. Missed that but including those few words makes me feel they are concerned with maintaining character relationships.

amanda50 said...

It really is great to see Corrie back on top form.I've watched the last few episodes twice too, it's been a long time since I've wanted to do that.Daniel is one of my favourite characters already, the Barlows are a joy to watch at the moment.Long may it continue!

Rapunzel said...

I agree. Just a few words to explain an absence - that's all we loyal, long term fans want!

C in Canada said...

Peter has always been awesome, but great to seem him sober, calm, and in charge. Perhaps having to pick up where Ken left off (Ken needing rest after his stroke) has given him a maturity that he didn't have before.

I don't know why Dev and Yasmeen aren't going after Sharif. He's still in the country, it's not like he left for lands unknown!

Maricha said...

I don't know either C in Canada, this is going to be yet another hole in a plot that we just have to accept even though it makes no sense at all.
When the Nazirs came over, they seemed very well off and as if Cal opening a gym was a bit beneath them. Now, we're supposed to believe Sharif had to steal from the gym account to be able to finance his mistress' flat after getting Alya's machine. Sharif and Yasmeen don't have retirement funds, other property or businesses,no life insurance amounts from Cal and his wife? All they had in the world was 15 thousand pounds in a bank account? Hard to believe.

Tvor said...

Good point. You would think Kal would have had life insurance and assigned it to his children as next of kin at the time of his death.


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