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Friday 11 November 2016

Coronation Street plot hole hell

Reposted from State of the Street with permission

I initially thought this storyline with Caz and Maria was good. It kept my interest as Caz became more obsessed with Maria, manipulating and lying. But in the past few weeks it's getting rather bizarre. Now Maria is being suspected of Murder with no body (because we know Caz isn't dead) and plenty of evidence that isn't even strong enough to be considered circumstantial. I can usually suspend disbelief for the most part but this storyline is starting to get out of control. I hope when Caz is discovered alive, Maria gets an apology from the police and from that self righteous Kate but I doubt it will happen.

Caz was only gone a few hours and everyone was hopping up and down saying she'd disappeared mysteriously. Then, after the bloody handprint and blood on the wall (surely a blood splatter expert could tell something from that), Fiz finds a bloody rug in their wheely bin. I don't understand it, though. If it was Maria that had really killed Caz, she wouldn't hide the bloody rug in Tyrone and Fiz's bin. I guess where it's a set up by Caz, I can see her doing it to bring more attention to doubt Maria's state of mind. It's not as if that bin was near either end of the ginnel, it's in the middle! Wouldn't any old bin do?

Caz must have an Invisibility Cloak. She's been hanging out and lurking in the ginnel.

She must have slipped into Maria's just after she left for work. Nobody saw her. Maria was at work, left again, went to the pub, left again so she wasn't gone all that long and there was Caz about to make her escape from the flat in broad daylight. Yet, Maria got pulled away for a cuppa by Eva so Caz didn't leave after all, she went back upstairs. Why?

She ended up using Maria's scissors to open up a cut that was already on her hand and then replaced the scissors in Maria's case with a half-hazard swipe at the handle of the scissors and later, another swipe at the top of the case, presumably to wipe fingerprints off.

In this day and age of technology and DNA, it would be pretty obvious that wouldn't get rid of any evidence that Caz had touched the case. You just know that the police will not find a thing, though, right?

And another thing. How long was Caz in that flat? Must have been hours, yet we saw her put the scissors in the case and later, much later it must have been, after we saw Maria finish her police interview, Caz was only folding up the case just then. I do wonder why Maria never had the locks changed in the flat once she got home and all this started up.

Oh yes, the case. It's a bit odd that someone that has a permanent job in a salon would carry their work gear back and forth each day, especially when she only lives over the shop anyway. We've never seen Audrey carry hers in of a morning nor David nor anyone else in the history of the salon.

We also found out that Caz has installed a remote webcam and is monitoring it on a tablet from a room somewhere. At the very least it might be a shelter or hostel though it looks much nicer than that. Caz is broke, no job, no mates. The stolen credit card explains the tablet and webcam but Maria was in London a few weeks ago now, was she planning on video spying on her even then? Caz doesn't seem like a planner, more of an off the cuff kind of woman. And did it take Maria that long to cancel the credit card? If Caz's paying any sort of rent, I'd like to know how. Was she on benefits? I doubt the army would have given her a severance if they dishonourably discharged her. Perhaps she had pension money due.

The police turned up to search the flat and the salon. They claimed it was a tip off. Doesn't that raise alarm bells? And Aidan managed to get the bloody scissors out the door and into the nearest bin, the one outside the factory. Yet the police didn't find the scissors case which still had blood in it, in the flat where it wasn't really well hidden.

It's all confusing and though I did like the storyline, it's getting more and more difficult to ignore the plot holes, as deep as the Mariana trench.

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Scott Willison said...

I did say this on Twitter, but I wonder if what should have been a slow burn plot line - Caz vanishing for a while, then bits of circumstantial evidence starting to pile up against Maria - has been suddenly accelerated due to Sharif's enforced disappearance. We should be experiencing the fallout from his affair revelation, but instead he's just vanished to Newcastle, and they have to fill all that empty screen time with something. I'm not saying the plot line would have made much more sense in the long run, but Kate's sudden reversal of opinion on Caz, for example, makes more sense if it followed a period where her former love is awol.

Anonymous said...

Nor, it seems, did they find the surveillance camera.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Maria can see from the bank statement where Caz bought a phone. She doesn't tell the police or go to the shop herself with a photo of Caz for them to identify her. Corrie characters have been made to do daft things before, like Peter and Tina having an affair, but the writers get away with it due to the actors' skills. Sorry but the characters in this particular storyline are played by actors who can't make the best of a bad job.

Unknown said...

Spot on

Louby said...

Wouldn't the police have got the CCTV recordings from the atms that Caz used, or from any of the shops that stuff was bought from on the credit card?

This storyline has become so bad it's entertaining to see what's going to happen next! I loved how Maria referred to them"spending the night together" - bit of an exaggeration for what was 10 minutes on the sofa!

Scott Willison said...

Where *is* that camera sited, anyway? It's in the corner of the ceiling, which doesn't strike me as a good hiding place.

the_mnx said...

I'm pretty sure the police told Maria about the card use at the ATM and the phone being purchased in London - surely they'd have chased up the CCTV by now? Also Kate's sudden concern for Caz makes no sense at all - she's well aware that the woman is crazy! And the police not finding the scissor case is just ridiculous, given that they were actively looking for it and it had only been put under the kitchen counter! I can't wait for this storyline to wrap up. Although I agree with another comment about this perhaps having been bumped up to replace the Sharif storyline - maybe it wouldn't have seemed so off-kilter if it had been a slower-burner?

Anonymous said...

Here is a classic way of looking for something terribly (and finding only a sрoon) Monty Рython style ;)(John H)

Sophie Bird said...

She may have brought the scissors home to cut Liam's hair. Ok that solves one of the many holes!

Anonymous said...

Err, not really. How did she know Aidan needed a hair cut? Was she at work and thought, I know, I'll just give Aidan a random haircut. Not plausible

coconno196 7 said...

Especially as he's practically bald!

Flo said...

She said Liam, not Aidan. Not unusual at all for a mum to give her kid a haircut at home, so it was plausible. About the only thing in the story line though!

Ancient corrier said...

Liam! Where IS Liam

Anonymous said...

Oops my apologies

abbyk said...

Re: the scissors, the shears hairdressers use are very expensive. Maybe she brought her kit to London to give Pablo and friend good cuts and keep her locks perfect while she was away. They would have been in her bag when she went to the salon the day everyone cancelled on her, so they probably just came back home in same bag. Not carrying them around Wetherfield makes sense as they are expensive and she didn't need them, so on the counter they were. Caz only found them by chance. That is probably the only part of this story that doesn't bug me. Eva is being dumb renting out Aiden. Kate's concern is completely out of character although she is still a whiny brat. Jenny was nasty to Maria who I don't recall ever doing her harm. The police are once again bumbling idiots -- maybe they should hire Inspector Lewis now that he's retired, he could teach them how to be proper coppers.

Anonymous said...

the keystone coрs would do a better job than Weatherfield constabulary! ;)

Anonymous said...

"Plot holes, as deep as the Mariana trench" Good one- The CazMar Trench HeHe!

Laura said...

@abbyk - when Jenny was with Kevin and obsessed with Jack, she and Maria got into it when her son and Jack had some sort of altercation. Jenny went into the salon to confront Maria, they started arguing, and then Jenny slapped her across the face.


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