Saturday, 26 November 2016

Roy calls off his wedding to Cathy in Coronation Street

Clearly rattled by the return of Cathy's sister Nessa, Roy has some thinking to do, and cancels his wedding to Cathy.  We'll see all of this start to unfurl on Coronation Street during the week of December 5th to 9th.

It all begins when Roy's anxieties over the upcoming wedding mean that he starts sleepwalking again.
As his anxieties spiral out of control in the cafe, Cathy and Nessa have a massive row.

Cathy then tells Roy she’s sure to fail him as a wife, like she did Alan, and suggests they should call off the wedding.

The next morning Cathy wakes to find Roy cancelling the church. Disappointed, she hints at a change of heart but Roy doesn’t take the bait. Roy cancels the flowers and the reception, and calls on Ken and Anna to explain that the wedding is off.  

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Maricha said...

Good, I hope Nessa and Cathy go settle their issues in Scotland and Alex stays with Roy.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Liam Bairstow is off on another project so this might be the trigger for Roy and Cathy to have a break. All guesswork - Cathy and Alex move back to her house but they'll probably be back.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I just hope this isn't a teaser and they finally end up married after all. That would make me really, really mad. I'm surprised the previews are out so soon, usually only on Monday or Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

After Cathy's comment about her and Alex being a 'package deal'before her ill timed marriage proposal to Roy,I'm also relieved that Roy has come to his senses by calling off the wedding.
I never believed Cathy loved Roy and I hope he sticks to his decision and is not pressured into changing his mind or portrayed as the 'villain' for not marrying Cathy.

Anonymous said...

I've never quite believed in their relationship and I think she is far too selfish to be the wife Roy needs (if indeed he even needs one).

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