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Saturday 12 November 2016

Coronation Street weekly update – November 12 2016

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One of the things I love, and have always loved, about Coronation Street is its strong women. From Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner through to Liz McDonald and Tracy Barlow – love ‘em or hate ‘em, you don’t ever forget ‘em.  And one of the things I hate about Coronation Street is when they turn a woman mad. I don’t mean raging mad, throwing their fella’s clothes out of the top floor onto the cobbles after she’s found out he’s had a fling with a floozy. No. I mean, psycho-mad.  And so it goes, sadly yet again, that Caz has become That Woman.

Soldier Caz turned up on the street a little bit needy, let’s say. She was hanging onto her girlfriend Kate who shrugged her off, finally. She’s been discharged by the army and taken to hanging around Maria, getting needy, again. When Maria shrugged Caz off and told her she wasn’t that way inclined, Caz took it into her head to start stalking Maria and framing her for murder. None of this rings true, not even in the far-fetched world of soap where you have to believe anything, just anything, is possible. Frankly, I’m lost with this plot, and tut when it comes on.  Caz has planted bloodied scissors in Maria’s flat and a webcam so she can see who’s coming and going (mainly Aidan, so Caz must surely have blackmail on her mind soon). All of this is sending Maria round the bend, as you can imagine, she never was the most stable of Street girls. Maria’s called into the cop shop and is suspect number one in the disappearance of Caz, who has taken to skulking under street lights with a scowl on her face.

Another plot line I’m not sure about is Robert and Michelle growing closer. Michelle is happy, she’s pregnant, she loves her Steve, she’s running the pub. Why would she be interested in Robo-Robert, I wonder?

Another unlikely pairing this week came in the form of Tracy Barlow and lovely Luke.  Now then Luke is a bit of a lad about town and will, it’s fair to say, snog almost anything in a skirt and preferably out of it. But after an altercation over her broken phone, Tracy berates Luke and the next thing we know, he’s half-naked in the Barlow kitchen (and where’s Deirdre’s fish mould when you need a shot of it?) while Tracy’s sitting on the sofa with a smile on her face.
Eileen goes deaf this week. I said EILEEN GOES DEAF THIS WEEK. Vinny and Pat take the micky out of her and then she goes to the doctor to get her ears syringed.  Pat knows Eileen’s hearing is fine now but Vinny doesn’t – and I wonder if this means she’ll overhear something she shouldn’t, or indeed should, about the fraud and the flats very soon?
Sharif does a runner to Newcastle leaving Sonia on the Street and Yasmeen in her orangery. Yasmeen is going to flourish and bloom without that no-mark of a husband and I can’t wait to see it happen. She still won’t let Alya move back into the house and good on her, I say. She also gives Sonia a fantastically wicked slap across the face. Dev’s worried that Victoria Court Gym will have problems as Sharif took £14k from the gym account when he took off to the toon.
The lovely Gary and Sarah grow closer this week. Oh, can you just imagine the gorgeous children those two would have? However, Bethany thinks Gary’s hanging around her mum because he’s interested in her, not Sarah. When Leanne and Nick go away for a night and tell Sarah she can have their flat to herself, she jumps at the chance.  But then she’s called into work at the pub. So Bethany tarts up the flat ready to lure Gary there herself - there are candles, soft lighting, soft music – and then Sarah leaves the pub early. She heads to the flat, thinks that Bethany’s done all of that for her and Gary to have a romantic night in together. Bethany’s face when she finds her mum in the flat, well, the poor lass is not best pleased.

At Weatherfield General, Anna finishes with Kev as she thinks he can’t handle the horror of her burned legs from the fire the other week. Kev tells her he can and he will support her through this and within minutes they’ve fallen out and are back together again. Oh, I do love the world of soap.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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This week’s writers were Julie Jones (Monday double); Susan Oudot (Wednesday and Thursday). No episodes on Friday this week due to football.  Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Anonymous said...

Maria is a badly written character IMO. For someone who's been through so much, that she can't figure out what's going on is just dumb, but the formula works for ratings as far as 'mad women' go so I doubt the writers will change things. Just toss another character plot into the hat and go with whatever comes out.

Anonymous said...

I feel Maria has sussed out what's going on, but is having difficulty proving her innocence

Anonymous said...

Hands up anyone who is actually enjoying the Maria/Caz storyline? I have never known a plot that has received so many universally negative posts, that surely the Corrie bosses must now be taking notice of viewers feelings?

Anonymous said...

I think Maria (ie. Samia Ghadie) is handling the script as best she can. The actress who plays Caz, though, just isn't up to the job. The whole thing ends up with her looking like a pantomime baddie twirling her (metaphorical) moustache.

Rapunzel said...

I'm finding Phelan intriguing at the moment. Although he is still the bad guy, his chemistry with, and affection for, Eileen seem genuine. One wonders whether he is developing feelings for her, in spite of himself. Not a bad thing if true. I much prefer my villains to be less pantomime and more 3D, complex and at least a little plagued by demons.

Jenn said...

Does anyone know how long the actress who plays Caz is signed on for? Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the storyline & character?

Anonymous said...

Well, she is signed up to do panto this Christmas, and as previously stated on this blog, Corrie stars cannot star in panto whilst under contract, so here's hoping ......

Anonymous said...

I have all my toes & fingers crossed that she will soon be gone - good riddance to this plot line.

Anonymous said...

Not a forensics expert here but wouldn't the police have figured out in a short time that the blood evidence was faked? As for the spy-cam, when was it installed? Wouldn't the police have found that too? How was it paid for- did Caz put it on Maria's stolen credit card? Plus of course tracking alleged abuse on mobile phones, blood evidence (or lack of it) on Maria's clothing, lack of time for Maria to get rid of said clothing and-most of all-Caz character is supposedly a soldier so I doubt she would have just stood there like a pincushion, she would have at least tried to defend herself and left a couple of marks on Maria. The knocked about furniture suggested that the two of them were physically fighting. It wouldn't take long to prove the scene was staged. Silly story line.

Anonymous said...

I know a soap is not a documentary but the Caz Maria storyline is a farce how many noticed major blunder with Maria's scissor case she was interrupted going into her flat and did not go in ? Next you see Caz with them very strange the whole story line is very poor, hopeless soap police and every criminal drama you see no one is never interviewed without a lawyer present come on corra get your act together.


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