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Sunday 20 November 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Nov. 14 - 18

His Fathers' Son award: Adam arrives in a Jaguar (Mike's favourite, which he has to have rented seeing as there was no time to ship it from Canada), cigar in hand, radar for the scotch in the factory and an inherent talent for winding people up while giving them a cheeky grin. Daniel arrives, reading King Lear, is an English major in unit,  organizing rotas and being a total geek. Totally Ken.

Close the barn door now that the horse is already out: Aidan is arranging to have Maria's locks changed NOW??? *shakes head in despair*

Musical ambiance: Glory Days playing when David comes out sporting a black eye courtesy of Gary.

Definition Fail: My definition of Private and Phelan's are obviously miles apart. His idea of somewhere more private than the cab office was the pub.

Fashion fun: Loved Gemma's wooly cap!

Czar vs Tzar: Brilliant conversation between Brian and Roy about the merits of the term as relating to working in Recycling.

Curiosity killed the cat: Anna's going to punish Faye for stealing a phone and listened to the voice mail herself, anyway. Her curiosity caused her to alert Michael which in turn sent him to the building site and got him killed even if it was a heart attack, not any other kind of attack.

Phrase of doom: Eileen "First time in my life I'm not worried about the future" (agggh!)

Fraud Squad award: Brian. Surely an official complaint to Environmental Health about a restaurant requires paperwork and an ticked off checklist of things the officer has investigated. And I doubt complainants would be required to meet the officer at the venue. Perhaps that's Brian's scam for free food.

Lines of the week:
Roy "There have been certain developments" (indeed. I guess Brian hasn't kept in touch with his old friends.)
David "Sarah, do you think it would be possible for you to get a boyfriend that doesn't have some sort of beef with this family?"
Gail "Gary Windass??!! He's been in more trouble than your brother!"
Adam to Eva "You almost dropped your knickers!" Eva *giggle* (spot the chemistry there, it leaped off the screen)
Aidan about Adam "Did you see the way he looked at Eva?" Johnny "The way you look at Maria?" (I knew he'd noticed!)
Tracy "So you're the son of that slapper, Denise" (charming)
Peter to Daniel "You'll get used to Tracy. She's like this with everyone"
Gemma "I've got a gold boob tube, it makes me rack look massive" (classy)
Tracy "Daniel! He's like a mini-Dad" Peter "Yea, he's like the kid he always wanted" *wait a minute....*
Tracy about Peter "The last time he tried to use that cooker he tried to put his washing in it"
Phelan "I like me bacon well done, not me women" (harsh, but totally in character)
Sean "What's Aristotle got to do with cake?"
Sean about Norris "When it comes to the milk of human kindness, his has long since curdled"
Phelan to Michael "I win again"
Peter to Luke about Tracy "You've got no chance. She'll eat you for breakfast" (she already did judging from the leer on that face!)

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Maricha said...

Thanks, Tvor!
I definitely think Brian pulled a scam. Health inspectors work with charts, thermometers, etc. and take samples, they don't risk eating food that might be tainted.
Will Gail inherit the ice-cream truck? I hope so. It would give her and Bethany something fun to do next summer and be somewhat in line with the Bistro.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I think Bethany would find an ice-cream truck too beneath her to even step inside.
I love Brian being back and talking with Roy. That whole Bistro inspection story was a farce. I doubt the inspector would meet the complainant at the restaurant and I hope that more details would be required before an inspection is ordered and Adam sitting in the Bistro with that ugly smirk on his face was just too obvious.

Anonymous said...

I think Daniel is really well cast in how much he resembles a young Ken.

Anonymous said...

What did you expect award? To Sarah for being upset that Gary broke up with her after she told him the truth about David's crash and his realisation she knew the truth all along.
I also wondered if Sarah is so 'concerned' about Max and Lily losing their father due to David possibly being arrested a few months after their mother being brutally murdered,why did she tell Gary in the first place?

amanda50 said...

I'm so happy to see Brian back on the cobbles, and I have high hopes for Daniel - brilliant casting, the similarity between him and Ken is uncanny.The look of fear and apprehension on Roy's face every time he looks at that daft wedding countdown clock is priceless.Good to see Corrie back on form again.


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