Saturday, 26 November 2016

Daniel's secrets exposed in Coronation Street

Peter is going to become suspicious of Daniel, in upcoming episodes of Coronation Street. 

During the week of December 5th - 9th, we'll see a stressed Daniel admitting he’s behind with his rent and his landlord is kicking him out. Insisting they’ll help him move his things, Ken and Peter are shocked at the state of Daniel’s flat. But what is Daniel hiding from the Barlows?

Peter quizzes Daniel, convinced he’s been lying about his mum Denise. Although Daniel had already admitted that she left six years ago, he has been keeping up the pretense that he has been in contact with her but now he finally reveals that he’s never heard from her since.

Peter’s perplexed, wondering why Daniel never reported Denise’s disappearance to the police but Daniel is defensive. Will Peter reveal what he knows to Ken?

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Anonymous said...

What's the end to this, Daniel is Norman Bates? Mum taxidermied and set up in a rocker somewhere under Daniel's messy flat?

John said...

I thought we weren't getting spoilers anymore?

Maricha said...

If Denise left when Daniel was still a minor, calling the cops about her taking off would get him put in care. By the time he was of age, it would only get him in trouble since he must have been selling off the things she left behind to live.
Anyhow, why doesn't Peter worry about settling his own affairs. Wasn't someone after him when he turned up just weeks ago?

Flaming Nora said...

Hi John (01.48), in the run up to Christmas, ITV release their December, Christmas and New Year previews extra early. These spoilers would normally have come out next Tuesday but we're allowed to post them today. The whole week of previews will be going live at 11am today (Saturday). And as for "not getting spoilers any more" well, we've always had spoilers on this website since we started in 2007 and that won't change :-)

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