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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Connor McIntyre revals all about playing Corrie's Pat Phelan

Connor McIntyre, who plays Pat Phelan, has been talking about Michael Rodwell's final scenes in which Phelan left him to die.

He says: "We’re great mates and really enjoyed filming them – it’s a proper Corrie exit. If I can say this without sounding grandiose, it was like a Renaissance painting, when we were out there certainly! It was very dark, it was very cold and they were the last scenes I did with Les so from that point of view, there was a real weight around the evening. I hope it doesn’t sound perverse to say that we enjoyed it. It was a great piece of writing to be involved with."
Asked if he's enjoying his time on Coronation Street, Connor says: "It’s tip top and the best place to be for me – they’re going to have to get me out with a crowbar or maybe even a JCB!"

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Oh dear, I fear I might be run out of town. The scene between Phelan and Michael reminded me of the silent film trope where the woman is tied to the railway tracks. All Phelan needed was a top hat and large moustache. There was also a hint of Richard Hillman and Dougie Ferguson's last moments. Phelan's villain is nowhere as interesting as Hillman or Tony Gordon. As for the heist itself: naturally, go there on your own, Michael, without rigging yourself up with recording equipment (unless his mobile phone was doing it). Naturally, don't call the police even though Michael's life may be in danger. What a shame Les Dennis wasn't used well and disappointing that Phelan is such a one dimensional villain. The actor has said that Phelan does love Eileen at times. I'd rather see played out on the screen rather than read it in an interview. I'm sure the actors loved that death scene. It was high camp and melodramatic. Good for a laugh.

Tvor said...

I know Phelan is kind of one dimensional but he's right at the top of my villain list. The actor does a fantastic job! I can see that Phelan is starting to have feelings for Eileen but his greed and need for control and ambition is still to strong for him to fall in love completely. He probably never will but I think he's definitely moving in that direction.

But even though he didn't kill Michael directly, not by his own hand exactly, he did leave him to die and he did help scam the money off people. They're going to have to tread a fine line if they do plan to keep him in the show for any length of time because in the end, he must pay for his misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

Michael was not recordi g because ge did not expect to confront phelan...he thought anna would keep him distracted....also bow was he to know the delivery guy would let phelan know he was there.....humpty...tsk tsk lol

Anonymous said...

'Like a Renaissance painting'? Oh, it is to laugh. Typical death scene that was way too predictable. The only thing missing was Phelan rubbing his hands together..nyahaha.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm with you Humpty although I may be leading the line out of Weatherfield as I find the scenes with Adam Barlow even more campy than the ones with Pat - he is trying to act so sinister and mysterious that it just comes across as silly nothings - from day one arriving at the factory, hospital, bistro, throwing his weight around. Then the fiasco in the bistro, although I must admit I was glad to see Brian back yeah - I love him with all his faults and what nots but at least he is fun to watch and I love his interaction with Roy. Anyway back to the episode I'm sure that Adam was rifling around in Ken's drawer to probably find the deed papers to his house, much the same as Jack Duckworth's grandson did when he was trying to start the restaurant with Leanne. All very supposedly optuse, but all very obvious. He comes across as loaded, with the fancy Jag, but he is probably broke as can be which is why he came back to see what he could inherit. That is the problem with Corrie right now too predictable as Anon 15:57 wrote nyahaha.

Cobblestone said...

Over and again on these comments I'm reading 'all too predictable, all too predictable' after people pitch their own invented projections on what's going to happen. It hardly ever pans out as 'predicted'. Makes me laugh.


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