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Tuesday 15 November 2016

Phelan is scammed by Vinny in Coronation Street

Ooh! Well, this week's Inside Soap magazine has a good spoiler about Phelan and Vinny.  Next week in Coronation Street, Vinny is going to scam Phelan as he takes the money and runs away with it all.

Phelan turns up at the airport with his fake passport, ready to start his life in the sun with Vinny. But Vinny's not there, he's done a runner with all of their cash after clearing out the bank account.  But instead of leaving Weatherfield, Phelan returns home to Eileen and blames the scam on Vinny.

Connor McIntyre, who plays Pat Phelan, tells Inside Soap: "It's one more roll of the dice! It would be quite a challenge to go back and face the music alone. But Phelan has nothing to lose either way. He's an egomaniac and for him it's as much about power as financial gain. It's about the thrill and the adrenaline for him."

So he returns to Eileen - but she'll have already been told the truth about Vinny and Pat from Todd. Well, when we say 'the truth', we're not sure if Todd comes clean about being in on the scam too.  Should be good to see it all untangle itself!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

More or less as we anticipated with a few loose ends to tie up. Eileen has yet to see Phelan's fake passport. He'll dump it but, in true Corrie fashion, he'll put it in the bin in their own yard or right next door. I don't think the residents will be permanently fleeced. Eileen would never live it down even though she is completely innocent. Somehow or other, Vinny's bank account will have to be frozen or perhaps Todd has already done it. Didn't we see a photo of Vinny biffing Phelan on the chin or was that a red herring?

Anonymous said...

No surprise that. Interesting to see it all unfurl - and will be good to watch Eileen taken down a peg or two!

abbyk said...

Ooooh, I wish you had used the magic word Spoiler in the headline. :( Oh well.

Besides Rita and Sarah with deposits and Eileen with Jason's business account, did anyone else on the street actually put money down? I thought Sharif decided not to, so Yasmeen shouldn't be on the hook. Ditto Roy. I really can't remember.

Catsmom said...

either he tosses his fake passport in a nearby bin as you said or Todd or someone else will see him dumping it.

Rapunzel said...

Shareef initially changed his mind after Alya blackmailed him, so he could give their saved funds to her. However both Sonia and Yasmeen talked him round so he ended up fleecing the gym to pay for both.

So, in short, the Nazeers will lose out. Insult being added to injury for poor Yasmeen.

Maricha said...

Sharif couldn't because he had to give Alya the money. Roy refused to give deposit for Alex and that matter was dropped since Alex wanted to go to Scotland.
So, only Rita and Sarah unless the scam went beyond the neighborhood Vinny left with pretty slim pickings.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think you can safely assume there would be other investors apart from the few on the Street. People we've never heard of, obviously. You wouldn't do an elaborate scam like that for only five figures.

Rapunzel said...

Sharif gave Alya his and Yasmeen's savings and then took the money from the gym to pay for the deposit.

Anonymous said...

Alya blackmailed her father to buy a glorified sewing machine and as a result, the gym is in financial trouble. She's pretending to shed tears and feel regret, but selling the machine and paying off what her father stole from the gym might actually PROVE her sincerity. But of course that never even enters her mind. Selfish hypocrite. Completely turned off by her character now.

Tvor said...

If Phelan was to remain on the street, the storyline has to fall out this way with Vinny absconding and Phelan having someone to blame. And though PHelan didn't put any of his own money into the project, having used Jason's instead, he would still be out of pocket for the cash he would have made from the scam so he can definitely pretend to be another victim. Todd knows better of course but Todd helped scam folks. I figure Todd will still be the one to bring Phelan down but not sure how at the moment since Todd is also in this because he helped sell non existent flats to people too unless Vinny paid him on the sly before he left. Doubt it, though.

Maricha said...

Oh, I didn't realize Sharif had given a deposit. When his mistress had to move into a flat owned by Dev, I assumed that plan had been ruined by Alya's blackmailing.

Maricha said...

Tvor, I also recall that Phelan was pretty well off.On top of that, he stole Owen's share on a previous project that was supposed to be quite lucrative and that site we really did see being worked on.
So, Phelan might have wanted to pull off this scam to leave with even more money but, as his plan falls apart he may be in a position to pay back the few Coronation Street investors there are, if only to be able to stay.

Anonymous said...

It's her grandfather. Her father died in the fire that Tracy started in Carla's flat.


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