Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Kate Ford: "Tracy's the best behaved Barlow right now!"

There's a good interview with Kate Ford in this week's Inside Soap magazine. She talks about the beefing-up of the Barlow clan in  as she left him years ago and he's been living all alone. Coronation Street as Adam and Daniel return tonight - you can read all about the boys here.

Kate says there'll be a power struggle at No. 1 when the Barlow boys turn up. "There are all these Barlow men around now," she says. "But it's nice for Tracy to have a family unit again - she's missed that since Deirdre passed away. Plus, she's more than a match for the boys!"

She says that Daniel will return with a secret and it's Tracy and Peter who uncover just what's going on. Tracy pinches the keys to Daniel's flat and has a look around but what she finds is that Daniel has been living a very lonely life.

Kate says: "Daniel cracks and reveals that he hasn't been living with his mum Denise."

More secrets and lies will come to light about Daniel, causing all kinds of problems in the Barlow house.

"For now, Tracy's the one member of the family who is not up to her neck in secrets and lies," says Kate. "Tracy is the best behaved Barlow right now - it's quite weird!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and predict Daniel will be gay and will end up getting involved with Todd. Resulting in the departure of Billy.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly difficult to predict that one coming!!

Anonymous said...

It might be nice if they actually made him compatible with Sean and let him have a nice relationship.

Anonymous said...

what is really sad is that as viewers we can predict what is going to happen before it does. No spoilers, no hints, nothing, just obvious in the direction it is going.

Aussie Pete said...

I've been thinking for weeks Daniel's going to end up with Todd, bringing the Barlow and Grimshaw/Tanner lines together.

Anonymous said...

that unfortunately is the downside of Corrie lately - plot lines are devoid of any mystery and the viewers can predict what will happen when. Just too predictable.

Cobblestone said...

Why on earth is everyone assuming Daniel is gay?!? All this talk of predictable plots ... how on earth do you all know?

Anonymous said...

Why are people predicting Sean for Daniel if he should turn out to be gay - there must be almost 20 years between them!

Shells said...

Yes, Daniel is only in his early 20s? In university? Way too young for Sean. There isn't really anyone in his age range. Perhaps Bethany. Perhaps Alya, Rana and Steph.

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