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Sunday 27 November 2016

Coronation Street Weekly Awards, Nov 21 - 25

Sam Slick award: Silver star:Phelan grabbed the police mention of Vinny and swiftly implied that Michael suspected Vinny was going to rip them all off. Nicely played.

Gold Star:
Adam flaming Barlow! Adam arranged to have the car stolen for half the profit! I thought it might have been taken by the loan shark guy that Daniel owes, but he wouldn't have known where to come looking for Daniel. Adam's dodgey mate would have, though, in order to know where the car was to be stolen.

Prig award:
Daniel. Correcting peoples' grammar and geography and making a general annoyance of himself.

Long Lost Family award: Anna mentioned Kevin is going to visit his sister. His SISTER! (Debbie for those of you that don't know) The Barlows really did feel like family, even if they were bickering, teasing each other and Tracy trying to dig out Daniel's secrets.

Man Up award: Todd did the hard thing, the mature thing, and was going to face the investors with the bad news but Phelan stepped up to the plate. Mind you he also swerved the blame to Vinny as we all knew he would.

Black Widow award: Gail and she knows it. She even referred to the neighbours joking about how many husbands she's buried.

Grace Personified award: Gail asking Eileen to go in the family car to the funeral. Classy and generous gesture.

Odd Couple award: Adam and Daniel get to share a flat. They hate each other. Should work out well.

Lines of the week: 
Sean "If I was wearing pearls, I'd be clutching them!"
Todd "I'm not your daughter, Mum, I'm just gay"
Tracy "You don't say much, do you, Daniel" (only enough to criticize and contradict folk)
Peter "Submariner to cabbie, that's the journey my life's taken me on" Tracy "By way of bigamy and bookie"
Leanne in the Kabin "I remember nicking sweets in here and here I am buying them for me own son"
Todd "I'm the last man standing"
Todd "How do you break bad news?" Eileen "Tell them fast. Tell them straight"
Phelan "You're looking at a victim here, not a villain" *cough*
Audrey "No long faces today, eh?" David "It's a funeral, Gran, what d'you want, Jazz Hands?"
Tracy "Four teas" Cathy "What's the magic word?" Tracy "Abracadabra!" (ah, Damon Alexis-Rochfort, your writing is so sublime!)
Mary about Tracy "She's not that bad, really, underneath. It's quite refreshing getting to know someone who doesn't care what anybody thinks"
Peter "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" (Python! Yay!)

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JoeDuttineFan said...

I nearly always catch up with the week's Corrie on a Sunday morning and I might've been a bit bleary eyed this morning, but did anyone notice chemistry between Mary and Ken?!?! Or am I losing the plot?! It struck me that I could imagine them as a couple somehow. Maybe I just need a longer lie in :D

Tom said...

Mary and Ken?!!!! There's a massive age difference and Ken is hardly fit enough or young enough for any shenanigans. Yes you've lost the plot go back to bed!

JoeDuttineFan said...

I'll have to have stronger coffee or summat Tom ;p don't know what I was thinking!

Anonymous said...

Nope, I really didn't notice any chemistry at all. Also, won't there be about a 40 year or so age difference?

Anonymous said...

But what's the age difference between Norris and Mary?? Maybe she has a Daddy-complex, I could see her and Ken sitting around talking about books.

Anonymous said...

Mary, ken and norris menage-a-trois? Oh, my eyes!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Mary, Ken & Norris??? Oh no, that's too ugly to think of first thing in the morning. Put me right off my cereal. Double yuck. I could see Mary sitting talking to Ken about certain moments in her life, but then again she can talk to anybody about those, it just depends who is willing to sit and listen. Maybe for Ken, it is less stressful to sit and talk to Mary rather than his own family and all their problems.


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