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Monday, 14 November 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 14th November

I doubt Eva would let her fella sleep over at any other woman's house, let alone encourage him to spend every night there until Cunning Caz is found. I suspect that when she finds out about Aidan and Maria, Eva will become part of the string her up campaign that at present only includes Jenny and maybe Fiz. Jenny, who has taken against Maria for no particular reason, thinks that the Corrie crimper has invented her fear of Caz just to get Aidan to stay over. "I think I'd know if a woman was pulling the wool over my eyes," he retorts, somewhat pointedly. Later on, when Johnny is looking for his The Effects Of Breixt on Retail Trade speech in the bins, he and Jenny find the bloody scissors and Ms Bradley demands that they call the police and Maria is thus hauled off to chokey on suspicion of murder. Honestly, I'm surprised that the Greater Manchester police hasn't launched an investigation into the ineptness of Weatherfield's constabulary, the number of times they've got things wrong. Once again: Free the Weatherfield One!

In a much more interesting storyline, Gary and Sarah tell each other that they're falling in love. They also both thank Bethany for setting up their romantic evening whilst poor Bethany looks on, humiliated and unhappy. "We'll go out for pizza, take Jake and Harry," Gary tells her, and she realises that he only sees her as a kid.

Talking of teenage romance, Seb and Faye have a date over at the Battersby-Tinker's, with Craig as an unwilling chaperone, even more so when he finds out that Seb the Shoplifter in in possession of some knock-off DVDs (wouldn't a teenager have films on his phone or a flash drive?) Craig has appealed to the Special Constabulary and they've agreed to accept him, and so he's taking the illegal movies very seriously. He tries to stand up for his friend, warning Seb about anything dodgy in Faye's vicinity, but Seb responds: "I'll look after Faye, you look after your weird little hamster."

Later on, as Faye takes a break from sitting with the very distressed Anna, home from hospital and back in her flat, Seb criticises poor Faye for not answering his calls and for being friends with Craig. Someone's a bit of a control freak, no?

Anna's pain and fear feeds into Gary's anger as Sarah, wanting to have honesty in their relationship, explains David's real actions  and intentions on the day of the trial and car accident. Gary reacts to this by threatening David verbally and then punching him. I'd rather like to see a return of their previous feud; they make good combatants. David soon figures out that Sarah and Gary are dating and complains: "Is it possible for you to have a bloke who doesn't have beef with a member of this family?" Since Michael already witnessed the smoochies, it only remains for Gail to get peeved about it. And Audrey, but she's done one of her disappearing acts to Grasmere Drive, where she's holed up with the Reader's Digest and The Best of Jimmy Young on CD.

Michael also tries to bother Anna with a tale of his electric blanket plug that he left Chez Grimshaw, a long winded McGuffin, the upshot of which is that Michael overhears Pat talking about sitting on the beach in Mexico and how difficult it is to keep up the pretence with Eileen. Anna is too ill and depressed to help Michael with his Phelan problem, but Michael is determined to unmask the dodgy con-man.

Meanwhile, Tracy sees Luke off at the doorstep, looking like the cat that got the, erm, Luke, and goes straight to the hospital, although Ken still refuses to see her. Rana finds out that a family member has been visiting every afternoon and Tracy accuses Peter, who's still disappearing at odd hours and refusing to say where he's been, of being said relative. He denies it, thus setting up the return of another member of the Barlow clan. Does he know what he's letting himself in for, that's all I want to know.

And finally, Andy's still coming up with ideas for stories, his latest being about a restaurant owner who murders his customers, serves them up on the menu and wins a Michelin star. I hope this isn't a forthcoming storyline for the Bistro.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is why Tina O'Brian won an award?
This was so fabricated and everybody just happened to be positioned where they were supposed to be that it just didn't ring true or not even a tinkle -
So it looks as if both Sean & Todd are still members of the cast - now we are only missing Billy.

Anonymous said...

I love it when anyone punches David. It brings me untold joy.

Ancient corrier said...

David - the Jack Russell who thinks he's a Rottweiler

Anonymous said...

How did caz get Aidan's email address at the office? Another inexрlicable event, this story is so bad I can't stoр laughing! the acting is so shocking these days that there is absolutely no chance of winning any future awards (if that's imрortant) - we're behind eastenders, emmerdale, hollyoaks and even рostman рat these days ;)

Dolly Tubb said...

I haven't watched Corrie in ages, and after last night's episodes I may well be off again until the New Year. The Weathy police are just unbelievable. GMP must hold their heads in despair when the Weatherfield blues and twos bumble on to the scene. It would be nice to show the police in a positive light once in a while.

abbyk said...

Oh, Faye, he's a bad one. And you only have one friend who is lovely but kinda inarticulate when it comes to relationships. You're not old enough to go to the Rovers for Liz to keep an eye out and your parents are otherwise occupied. Again. Bethany is nice and could use a friend even though she won't admit it. She's only 2 years older than you, and knows her way around bullies -- she'd have your back.

Maria and her Kafkaesque nightmare. When this is settled, I hope new solicitor Adam Barlow gets her a fancy settlement against the Weatherfield Police for negligence or sumthin. Liked how her first concern was Liam. Hated the whole shears set up, esp Aiden standing right there and not saying he dumped them. Not loving Johnny either -- he knows what a conniver Caz is and he has always turned a blind eye or given a second chance. Out of character. (Anon 7:37, as an executive of a small company, Aiden's work email might be listed on the website. She could have had his personal one from when she and Kate were together.)

Michael the Spy - love that he's stopped moaning. But really, Anna? Now??? She's not up to anything at the moment. Too bad you're thinking of Gary as a kid. He knows just as much about Phelan, a lot about construction, and with his fast fists, would be a better accomplice. Anyone else hear the tram of doom rumbling through?

Anonymous said...

I agree with David's comment as it does seem Sarah does date only blokes who are his nemesis,first Callum and now Gary.
I guess Fiz has conviently forgotten how both she and Tyrone were falsely accused of crimes and only the Sutherlands believed in their innocence.
Please may this horrible storyline end sooner rather than later!

Flo said...

Is anyone else tired of Sarah and her selfish behavior? David's worried about going to jail and all she is worried about is the fact that she's lost yet another boyfriend. How long now till she turns up pregnant yet again????

And please, this Caz storyline needs ended ASAP. Yawn.

Maricha said...

No, you're not the only one tired of Sarah. I could perhaps understand her self-centered and stupid behavior if she was a teenager but she's a grown woman who moved into David's home with her daughter and has been nothing but a nuisance to him and his family. And, of course, if she loses that money she got to Phelan's scam she'll be even harder to dislodge than ever.I'm as fed up with her storyline as I am with Caz's, that's saying something.

Anonymous said...

Another one here tired of Sarah. Selfish little hussy!

And Anon 23:02, how nasty!

Rapunzel said...

Maria says she can't afford to stay in a hotel - well at least that problem's now fixed. But what I've wondered for ages is where her money's gone. Liam was prtty well-off as the part owner of the factory. And they owned the house (forget which number) which she sold to Deb and Sunita. Why is she still renting off Audrey?


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