Sunday, 13 November 2016

First-look pics: Gemma meets Peter Andre in Coronation Street

Here are some preview pics from Coronation Street to be shown on Wednesday 23 November 2016

Is this the moment that Peter Andre makes his debut on Coronation Street? It certainly looks that way judging by the over exuberant reception he’s getting from Gemma Winter!

After winning a Good Citizen Award kebab shop worker Gemma has been counting the hours till she meets her idol at the awards ceremony.

With a new frock and a spring in her step, Gemma sets off to the do, but when Peter Andre cancels at the last minute Gemma’s gutted.

Noting her disappointment kebab shop boss Chesney steps in and organises a surprise of his own which sees a certain Mr Andre walking onto the cobbles in a bid to make Gemma’s dreams come true.

But as Gemma flings herself at her lifelong crush is it really Peter Andre himself?


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Patrick said...

This is gonna be good.

Anonymous said...

A nice feel good storyline for a change

Anonymous said...

I can't honestly say that I like the new uniforms. They look really funny.

Cobblestone said...

New uniforms - they look like they should be piloting Thunderbirds ...! (Just what we need - something that makes Chesney look even more wooden).

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully you can see the strings working chesney ;)

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