Sunday, 13 November 2016

Rita and her girls on Coronation Street

Next week in Coronation Street, Rita will ask Gemma to move in to live with her. An odd couple pairing indeed, and one to look forward to watching on screen.

But speaking of odd couples, is it just me, or is anyone else feeling a bit miffed that we haven't so far seen any scenes of Sean and Norris living together? A missed opportunity, I feel.

Anyway, as Gemma becomes the next young woman to be taken in under Rita's sequinned and perfumed wing, let's have a look at the others who've got cosy on her soft furnishings over the years.

Sharon Gaskell. Rita and Len took in foster child Sharon in 1982.  Sharon returned to Corrie, and to Rita.

Jenny Bradley was another rover who returned to Rita. And, I wonder if Gemma moving in means that Jenny will be moving out - perhaps in with Johnny?

And while Sally never lived with Rita (as far as I know, but do correct me if I'm wrong), Rita was always there as a mother-figure for Sally, especially after Sally's own mother passed away.

Our blogger Tvor reminds me that Rita also took in Tina McIntyre.
 But, by 'eck lady, you don't want to be dipping into Rita's biscuit box without asking first.

So Rita and Gemma might just be a match made in Corrie heaven. We'll have to wait and see!

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Tvor said...

Tina lived with Rita for awhile, too. And Rita also took Leanne Battersby under her wing and gave her a job though didn't give her a home. I love this about Rita. !

Llifon said...

Sally lived with Rita in 1998/1999 during the Greg Kelly saga.

Flo said...

I'm anxious to see how this storyline goes. I like Gemma when she isn't completely over the top and Rita has long been a favorite.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It won't all be one way with Rita helping Gemma to calm down. Gemma's got a great sense of fun and perhaps she can bring back the old Rita, who has got far too up herself in recent years. She used to be quite brassy (in a good way!) and ready for a laugh. Could be an interesting match.

Tyler said...

The scene where Rita slaps Tina is one of my all-time favourite Corrie moments, albeit a rather overshadowed one. I just hope Gemma will be just as entertaining in this environment. And MORE SEAN AND NORRIS.

Rapunzel said...

Jenny is lined up for her own apartment in the bogus Phelan development so is unlikely to move in with Johnny. I guess there will be further elasticity discovered in dem walls.

Anonymous said...

But when the truth comes out about the bogus building, that means that Rita has lost $15,000. although why she would spend that amount of money on Jenny is beyond my comprehension. I assumed she would always move in with Johnny. Could be rather fun with all 3 women being flat mates. And I do agree with more Norris & Sean. Huge missed opportunity there.

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