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Thursday 17 November 2016

The return of the Barlow - Baldwin feud to Coronation Street

I loved, absolutely loved, the return of Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne to Coronation Street last week. Indeed, I may have remarked something along the lines of 'ooh, man totty overload on the street at last' when Adam turned up and hugged Peter round the cobbles.

And what a return it was, for both Adam and Daniel.

The first we saw of Adam Barlow - son of Mike Baldwin, let's never forget - was his very flash Jaguar as it rolled up outside of Underworld.  Mike was a fan of the Jag too.  Before Adam waltzed into Underworld as if he owned the place (which he surely will, he must!), he stopped and lit up a cigar, just like his dear old dad did too.
And then inside the factory office, Adam sniffed out the scotch. Some traditions live on. And then he made himself very comfortable in the management chair, too comfortable for the likes of Aidan and Johnny's liking.

And what of Daniel's return to Ken's bedside, reading to his father as he lay in his hospital bed? A lovely touch, the contrast being made right from the off between the Baldwin (Adam) and the Barlow (Daniel) to replay the best love-hate rivalry that the Street's ever known, that between Ken and Mike.

Surely we won't have too long to wait before this happens now...

What did you think of the return of the Barlow-Baldwin feud to Corrie last night?

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PoidaPete said...

I thought it was great! The end of the episode left me wanting it to be a double episode night.

I did notice, when Adam lit the cigar, he lit it, and then pretty much dropped it. He didn't actually smoke it at all. It was strange and funny, I guess Sam doesn't smoke and managed to convince the powers that be to just light it and leave it at that. lol

Can't wait for tonight's episode!

Cobblestone said...

Loved it - but I hope they play it a little subtler than just diving straight into a feud. These two guys may be chalk and cheese but they're also family - weirdly, the young one is uncle to the older. I gather they're going to be flat-mates above the corner shop, so it would be nice to see their relationship develop as more of a love/hate thing rising from their very different personalities rather than rivalry over a woman.

I've noticed a lot of people speculating that Daniel will be gay and a possible match for Sean - based on what? He's bookish and sensitive - that's all we really know of him so far. It's a little stereotypical to conclude from this that he's gay (an outdated stereotype at that, regarding the bookishness.) If he should turn out to be gay, then surely his very seriousness makes him an even more absurd partner for Sean than Billy was.

I'd also like to say that when it comes to chemistry, I witnessed a positive laboratory explosion during the brief ('dropped your knickers'!) encounter between Adam and Eva; far more than I've ever seen between Aiden and Eva (and who wouldn't want to see a soap couple called Adan & Eva?)

These two, in one single episode, have really perked the show up.

abbyk said...

Um, David is a hairdresser and Craig is an artist. Ken, Roy and Brian all love books. None of them are gay. Why assume Daniel is?

What was odd (but fun to watch) was that neither Tracy nor Peter knew what Daniel looked like. There isn't one picture of him at number 1?

Agree that this was such a good episode that it shoulda been a double night.

Anonymous said...

Can someone remind me please, why does Adam have a Scottish accent? I know his mother spent time there but she didn't have an accent and neither does Peter, who also lived there. I thought Adam had been in Canada for some years....I'm very puzzled.

C in Canada said...

Can we please have the Barlow family tree reposted?
I'm confused as to why Adam is sometimes called Barlow, sometimes Baldwin.
I thought the Baldwin's/Barlow's hated each other?

Tvor said...

Adam was raised in Scotland and he went to school there. Yes, Peter and Susan were both raised there and should have had Scottish accents but that was ignored. I think, officially, Adam is Barlow because Susan was divorced when she had him but he is Mike's son and from the look of it, has definitely inherited Mike's personality quirks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I remember one of the incarnations of Peter Barlow having a Scottish accent. It would've been when Peter was 13 or 14 I guess and came to see Ken on a holiday.

Cobblestone said...

Susan divorced Mike and told him she had had an abortion, but in fact had not. She had Adam and raised him alone in Scotland, using her maiden name, Barlow. Mike (and grandad Ken, for that matter) didn't even know of Adam's existence until he was about 11. If I remember rightly, Uncle Peter always knew about him but had been sworn to secrecy by Susan, who didn't want Mike getting his paws on him - which, of course, he did, after her death in a car crash. So his family name is Barlow, but he's half Baldwin by blood.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the Barlow family tree was much more interesting than the actual episode. I know Adam was trying to be "suave & debonair" but he seemed to have a hard time getting out of the car because of the door, then entering the factory because of the door, then entering the office because of the door. He may want to work on that aspect of his acting for the future.
They also tried to make the sudden appearance of Daniel much more sinister than was needed.

Tvor said...

@Cobblestone yes that was the original "retcon". Granada as was, rewriting history.

Jan said...

Amy is a nasty little madam, just like her mum. She needs to learn some manners.

coconno196 said...

Yes, at one time she disapproved of Tracy's attitude and behaviour, thanks to learning better values from Steve, Michelle and Liz, but now she seems to be modelling herself on her mother.


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