Friday, 18 November 2016

In pics: We say ta-ra to Michael Rodwell

Farewell then, Michael Rodwell.

Michael turned up in Corrie in March 2014 as a burglar trying to rob Gail.  Unable to resist his charms, Gail fell in love with him and asked him to move in.

Michael decided to trace his family. He found his aunt Barbara, remember her?

Aunt Barbara told Michael that his dad had died from a heart condition at the same age as himself, and the condition was genetic.

Michael found his son Gavin who turned out to be Andy using his flatmate Gavin's ID as his own.  When the truth came out, Michael's heart almost gave out.

Gail proposed to Michael. Their celebrations were cut short when Michael collapsed and had an operation for open heart surgery.

Michael was keen to marry Gail but she stood him up on their wedding day after being confronted by fGavin who blackmailed her over deceiving Michael about who his real son was.

Michael and Gail decided to go through with a second attempt at their marriage. Although both arrived at the altar, the guilt of lying to Michael caused Gail to tell him she couldn't marry him. Michael got upset and left, but Gail brought him back and the pair finally tied the knot.

When the real Gavin died and Michael found out that Gail had known all along about Andy being his fake son, he left her for Eileen. But canoodling on the sofa with Eileen one day, his heart gave out and he ended up in hospital again.

When things fizzled out with Eileen, and believing that Gail wasn't interesting in wanting him back, Michael bought an ice cream van and moved away to Brighton.

When he returned from Brighton, he worked his charms on Gail and ended up in back inside the Platt household once more. 

Ah, but then, he took on Phelan ...

...and we all know what happened next.

So farewell, Michael Rodwell. RIP and sleep tight. And thankyou, Les Dennis, for it all.

And now, here's some of his best bits:

With thanks to Corriepedia! 

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Anonymous said...

Wasted character really, same as Dennis Tanner was. They could've done so much more with both of them.

Doodvid said...

So is Phelan the new Hillman? This is what happened with Dougie Ferguson way back when...

Tracey Anne Annette said...

Really sad to see this character go. Les Dennis brought out the very best in Michael Rodwell.

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