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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 16 Nov

Wednesday 16th November 2016
EILEEN STUMBLES UPON PHELAN’S SECRET. Phelan apologises to Eileen for snapping but she’s still troubled by his secrecy. After visiting the development, Michael informs Eileen that the site’s deserted. He relays Phelan’s phone conversation and how he mentioned going to Mexico. Meanwhile, challenged by Seb to prove she’s not a killjoy like Craig, Faye steals Phelan’s mobile in the cafĂ©. Elsewhere Eileen tackles Phelan about his secret plotting, and although rattled, Phelan is lucky that Eileen catches Tim eavesdropping and he uses the diversion to slip away. Michael’s mind whirs when Tim divulges that Eileen confronted Phelan earlier. Phelan joins Eileen in the Rovers where Michael, unable to hold his tongue, accuses him of hiding something in his rucksack. With all eyes on Phelan, what trick does he have up his sleeve to escape this conundrum?
KIRK LASHES OUT AS MARIA LOSES HER FREEDOM Kirk tearfully reveals that Maria’s been charged with murder. Aidan’s gutted that he’s made things worse for her by failing to dispose of the scissors.
ADAM AND DANIEL MAKE AN IMPRESSION A flashy new Jaguar sweeps onto Coronation Street and parks outside Underworld. Adam Barlow steps out, strolls  into the factory office and helps himself to some whisky. Arriving back from a meeting, outraged Johnny and Aidan order him to leave whilst Tracy’s impressed by Adam’s car as he drives her and Peter to visit Ken. However, Adam, Peter and Tracy are thwarted at the hospital when Ken’s nurse insists he still doesn’t want to see them. Patience snapping, Tracy bursts into Ken’s room followed by Adam and Peter. They are taken aback to find a bespectacled young man reading to Ken and even more stunned when he introduces himself as Daniel, Ken’s son.
ELSEWHERE To explain David’s black eye, Sarah admits to Gail she’s seeing Gary and he knows the truth about the crash. Gail thinks it’s a recipe for disaster. Meanwhile, Gary refuses to put Sarah’s mind at rest over David, needing more time to think. Will Gary be willing to keep David’s secret for the price of his relationship?

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Anonymous said...

That's the funny thing, this development of Phelan's, is it a million miles away? Surely any number of investors must have been past there and noticed that nothing is going on? Plot hole as big as Sarah's mouth.

Humpty Dumpty said...

And wouldn't Sarah want to know what the amenities are like. Is there a nearby nursery for Harry?

Anonymous said...

When previous characters considered leaving, it was typical that other people on the street tried to talk them out of it. If the new flats are far away, why does no one seem to care they're leaving the street? And if the flats are supposed to be close by (close enough where they'd still meet at The Rovers, for example), then anyone could easily check to see how the flats are coming along. Details like this are always glossed over, but they still annoy me. lol

Anonymous said...

To be honest, if I had spent $15,000. as a deposit on one of those flats I would be over there at least every day or if not, then at least every 2nd day. Silly storyline.


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