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Sunday 27 November 2016

Maria Connor locked up in prison - for a year?

Tabloid tales this week suggest that Maria will get locked up at Christmas - and spend a year in jail.

But rumours are rife that Maria will miss out on the Christmas party in the Rovers as she's being grilled by the feds (as Kirk would say).  Not only that, but the tabloids reckon Maria will be jailed for a year.  A year?  Does this mean that Samia Longchambon, who plays Maria, is taking a break from the show? 

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun: “Maria will be handed a 12-month stretch but she’ll be back on the cobbles in the new year because of good behaviour."

The tabloid also say that the storyline will see Samia be involved in less shooting than regular actors – but that she will still appear in prison scenes.

However, the rumour has neither been confirmed nor denied by ITV, so take it with a pinch of salt for now.

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Louby said...

I guess this would be a sentence for the fake marriage?

Tvor said...

Maria, I think, mentioned on screen that she could get up to a year in prison. I think the tabloids are taking that and running with it. Get sentenced to a year and get out in mere weeks for good behaviour? Seems a bit unrealistic to me. 6 months perhaps, but "in the new year" to me means January or possibly Feb. Beth got community service for bigamy, why is that a lesser crime than marrying someone for immigration purposes? Ok, in this day and age, terrorism and all that, I suppose. Even so.

Humpty Dumpty said...

This is surely a plot device to let the actress go off and do something else. It seems to be a new way of doing things in Corrie ie have a cast of thousands and let actors come and go. I'm happy with this even if the authenticity of plots is stretched sometimes.

Anonymous said...

She'll get a slap on the wrist and be out in a couple of months. I think the actor is just wanting a break.

Anonymous said...

The actress might be pregnant and will return once baby bump is gone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, please. Let's hope this will give Maria an edge... that apparently didn't already come from being involved with the murderer of her husband. If Graham went on the run because of his fake marriage, there should be some consequence for Maria. Maybe she'll run into Caz on the inside and they'll become a couple!

bluegardenia said...

I have several things I need to say about CS> First of all if they are going to involve the law and police in their story lines can they at least try and make it believable? They portray the police as tough [laughingly] talking, severe looking idiots. And I loved the way they just came in and started searching Maria's flat and Audrey's search warrants? Ridiculous. Secondly, there have been 3 black actresses feature on the show in recent was Sophie's physiotherapist girlfriend..discredited and dismissed from her job...we had Tyrone's copper girlfriend who was we have Caz..also insane. What's up with these portrayals of black actresses? Can't we have a reasonably sane person who could be black? We have the token Muslim family recently, split up...and Dev who is made to look like a moron most of the time. Then we have two black ,males Archie and Luke. Archie needs a story...and Luke just incredibly slept with Tracy right out of thin air????~~~ What's up with that? We have token gay males and females...can we not have credible black actors??

Anonymous said...

Who's Archie bluegardenia? Do you mean Freddie? I also like your name, is it Miss Mar—Äle related? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh please let Maria stay in jail for a year!

Anonymous said...

What about Steph? She is black, a great actress on the show and extremely professional. Her brother, Luke, is great also except I'm not crazy about putting him with Tracy-luv. Yuck on that one. And I absolutely adore Freddie especially with Audrey. Thank goodness they nipped the idea of Audrey/Ken in the bud. That just wasn't working.

C in Canada said...

Don't forget Kelly Crabtree, although she's off to bigger and better things, she was unforgettable....and not insane.

Having said that, not having to listen to Maria whinge for a year is good news to me.


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