Thursday, 17 November 2016

Spot the Corrie prop - November 18th 2016

Congratulations this week go to Hannah for being the first  person to spot that last week's collection of video tapes can be found in Roy's flat. A special mention also to Shells for the perfect logic used to come second.

For this week's prop puzzle, all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find this owl themed coat hook.

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C in Canada said...


Maple said...


Sunny Jim said...

No extra points for spotting that this has come through a day early. Oops, sorry.

Sherrilan Laroche said...

Roy's Rolls?

Anonymous said...

Defo Chesney/Sinead/Kirky/Beth and Craigy's house. I'd recognize that wallpaper anywhere.

- Pod

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