Friday, 11 November 2016

Brian Packham's return storyline to Coronation Street next week

Brian Packham returns to Coronation Street next week. 

He turns up in the Bistro, introducing himself as the Environmental Health Officer. He tells Robert that he's had a complaint from a customer. After devouring a free meal, Brian assures Robert he'll be taking no further action but Robert's furious. Who reported him?

Brian then talks to Roy and tells Roy about his break up from Julie, his change of career to Environmental Health Officer and how he's about embark on yet another new job at the council as their Recycling Czar.

Roy introduces Brian to Cathy but when Cathy talks excitedly about their forthcoming wedding, how will Roy cover his discomfort?

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C in Canada said...

Glad to see Brian come back, even if it is without Julie. I thought he was brilliant. I hope he's here to stay....if he's their 'recycling Czar' (whatever that is) it sounds pretty permanent!

Louby said...

Is he trying it on for a free meal? Or has he done an extremely quick course in environmental health since his holiday with Julie?! Glad to see him back though.

Aussie Pete said...

He could've been back for a while in the area, just not made his presence known. Should be interesting!!

Cobblestone said...

Yes, didn't Eileen mention Julie had split with him months ago? He must have come back then.

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