Saturday, 26 November 2016

Coronation Street spoiler: Billy leaves the church

Billy makes a life-changing decision in upcoming epsides of Coronation Street. During the week of December 5th - 9th we'll see Billy leave the church.

When Todd admits he’d prefer Billy to have a "normal" job, Billy is pensive. However Billy then informs the Bishop that his heart no longer lies with the Church, as he wants to put his relationship first.

The Bishop’s shocked when Billy quits his job but has he made the right decision?

Later, Todd has no luck finding a job and Billy suggests they go out on the lash while they still can. As they get merry in the Rovers, Billy’s delighted by a call offering him a job interview...

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Maricha said...

Thanks for the preview Flaming Nora.
This must be where Billy becomes a social worker. All in all, I think it would suit him better to help people, yet be free to have a private life that suits him.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Of all the recent storylines, Billy leaving the church is the most believable. Future storylines include Billy becomes a social worker but tries to discuss religion with clients? Billy will then clash with his new bosses, making him feel that he fits in nowhere.

Beth said...

This makes more sense and is more believable. Him being a vicar was just to stir the pot and make a storyline regarding gays in the church. I always saw him as a nice man but he was never really a vicar, preaching the gospel nor tending the flock. Will we get to meet the new vicar or was that just a plot device? Shame if not, I liked having a Vicar on the street.

Anonymous said...

Fine so long as he really does continue to do a job away from the Street - not just end up packing knickers or serving pints.

Anonymous said...

Billy getting a job as a social worker would be a great fit, however I'm afraid he'll probably end up packing knickers or driving a cab, or better yet, maybe working at the gym. Yah that's the ticket. NOT

Anonymous said...

Billy could always be a bingo caller like Sean was? ;)

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