Friday, 1 April 2016

Michelle Keegan reveals shock at Tina being killed off

Michelle Keegan, who played Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street, has revealed that she was more than a litle surprised when she was told her character was being killed off. But, she says, she understands now why Tina had to die.

I'm guessing that because of the interview in this New Zealand magazine, that they are so far behind the UK in terms of storylines that they're only just now seeing Tina being killed off. Can any New Zealand viewers confirm, please?

Michelle tells New Zealand's TV guide: "I was shocked. Initially we thought the door would be left open for her, which I think is every actor's ideal scenario. A few months later (after Keegan told her bosses she wanted to leave the Street), the producers come up with this amazing exit storyline for Tina – that she was going to be killed.

"My heart stopped when I found out. I do understand why she's being killed. It's an amazing storyline and it will affect so many characters on the Street for the next year."

Speaking about leaving Coronation Street, Michelle says:  "I talked it over quite a lot with Kate Kelly (who played Becky McDonald), both before and after she left the show. She always said 'When the time is right you'll know'. That's what happened with me. The time felt right."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we really are that far behind!

Anonymous said...

Yes, New Zealand is unbelievable behind now. Only screen two hours worth of Corrie each week.

Rapunzel said...

Yes, New Zealand was once only a few months behind but when ITV moved to 5 episodes per week, TVNZ in its "wisdom" decided not to follow suit. NZ has crept backwards ever since. Idiots.

In 2012 I discovered that I could watch up to date Corrie on the Internet and I decided to give a two-finger salute to TVNZ. After all, it was no more than it was doing to me and all the other NZ Corrie fans. I kept watching NZ episodes for a couple more years until I'd filled in all the gaps (a double dose - rather like pigging out on one's favourite guilty pleasure!). Now I only watch Corrie in real time (well, slightly delayed).

The only downside is that I can no longer chat to local friends and family about "last night's episode" but fortunately, I have found this wonderful blog community instead :)

Rebecca Irvine said...

2 hours every Friday and 1 to hours every Saturday now, this is making us slowly catch up again

Rebecca Irvine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

you can try '' for all British terrestrial and freeview channels - I watch coronation street by 'live streaming' in Ukraine for every eрisode, it's great!

Anonymous said...

thanks anon for the tip about "" I'm in the states and used to watch YouTube until ITV kept removing all videos. I'll give it a try.

C in Canada said...

Wow, and I was annoyed that we in Canada are a few weeks behind!

In this digital day and age, there's no reason for this delay.

Anonymous said...

Canada is two weeks/ten episodes behind but I think there's a contractual reason for that, like ITV mandates there must be a delay.

Anonymous said...

I am watching Kate Kelly playing her part on Happy Valley and she is quite different looking . I didn't realize it was her and it is nice to see these actors in other roles being so successful.Good luck to them.

Kim Coupland said...

In Canada we were almost a year behind a few years ago and for a while they doubled up the episodes to 1 hour per day, so 5 hours a week. It was a lot, but we are now only a couple of weeks behind. It was odd when we were behind watching Christmas episodes in August!

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