Friday, 29 April 2016

Tonight's the night - Coronation Street Blog at UK Blog Awards 2016

Tonight's the night! Coronation Street Blog is being represented at the UK Blog Awards in that London by our bloggers Graeme and Emma.  The Coronation Street Blog has been shortlisted in two categories - Arts & Culture and Most Innovative.

Will we win? 
I have no idea.  

Would I like us to win? 
Of course! 

Do I think we will win? 
Probably not!  There's a lot of stiff competition out there from blogs who are designed a lot more cleverly than we are, and who deliver their "customer experience" in more 21st century ways.  We're old fashioned and proud of it too!  Other shortlisted blogs are all shiny and new and whizzy-whizzy-bang-bang whereas we are more traditional and cosy, just the way we like Coronation Street to be! But did I, er, mention that we've got an app?

We don't have "customers", we don't have to cater to the whims of advertisers. All we care about are Coronation Street fans. Fans who have been visiting this site day in, day out since it started in 2007.  Win or lose tonight, we'll be here tomorrow bringing you the same sort of things from our dedicated team of Coronation Street fans, and the day after that, and the day after. Well, you get the idea; of course we'd love to win something, but we don't need to and it wouldn't change us if we do.

Our shortlisted status in the two categories of the UK Blog Awards tonight has been made possible by YOU.  Yes, YOU reading this, who voted for us when we asked you to.  It was only through the sheer number of votes we received that we were then shortlisted in both the categories we entered. In that respect, we've already won the biggest prize there could be.  (Sorry, while I pause here, I think I'm starting to well up!).

You might like to read our blogger Graeme's blog post about the UK Blog Awards and follow Graeme and Emma on twitter for their live tweets from the posh do tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! Everything crossed!

Flaming Nora said...


Anonymous said...

You will always be a winner in my books.

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