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Thursday 21 April 2016

Coronation Street Weds 20th April episode review

Hello! As usual, it's Jordan with my thoughts on last night's trip to Weatherfield.

Last night, we started off in the back room of the Rovers, where Liz and Amy are discussing Michelle's fast-approaching 40th birthday. After Liz fails to convince Amy that she is in fact not old, Michelle comes downstairs and tells them both outright that she does not want a fuss or party. Well, she's getting one. When Michelle leaves to take Amy to school, Liz gets a phone call. It's Steve. Out on the Street, Michelle confides in Carla that she's confused. She's miserable that she'll be spending her birthday without Steve, yet refuses to visit him in Spain. Then she lets slip that she's looking forward to seeing Will, which causes concern for Carla. Michelle reassures Carla that nothing has happened between them and Carla advises her to keep it that way.
"It's not so bad turning 40, y'know. All you've gotta think is 'I'm still younger than Kate Moss.' That's what did it for me"

Later on, she leaves the Rovers ridiculously dolled up for more wedding planning with Will. At the venue, Michelle is just as blue as she was earlier and she sighs to Will about how she misses Steve and how he can't even be bothered to come back for her birthday. That's what you think, Michelle. Will looks at Michelle with those dreamy blue eyes of his and reveals that he still has feelings for her. She gives him the usual 'I'm married' and 'I can't do this' speech before running out of the room. When they eventually return to the Rovers, we are led to believe that nothing physical has happened but now there is even more confusion between the two as they have both now admitted their feelings for each other. She gets out of the car and sighs. I find it difficult to believe that their feelings for each other have been there for 26 years; one would have tried to track the other down before now. I am sure that Michelle's feelings for him have been born out Steve's absence, and probably the same for Will as his fiancée Saskia works away for weeks at a time. But if Michelle does decide to take things any further, let's hope it's not on Friday, when Steve is making a surprise return for her surprise party.

"I have feelings for you. I know you feel the same"
"I can't do this"

The news-item storyline continued last night as Alya takes matters into her own hands. She goes over to the gym and tries to plead Gary's case with granddad Sharif, who stupidly alerted the whole cannabis situation to the police. She makes him see that as a partner at the gym, Gary is an asset and puts him in Gary's shoes. What if Yasmeen was the one who needed to take cannabis for pain relief? A very good point. Sharif later reasons with Gary and allows him to continue working at the gym, as long as he keeps his professional life separate. Gary is surprised to learn from Dev that Alya was the knight in shining armour. Naturally, he goes thank her and appears very grateful. As he leaves, she looks longingly at him, obviously desperate for them to reunite. I'd like to see them together again; they really worked as a couple. Far better than Gary and Izzy ever did.
"I know what he did was wrong in the eyes of the law but as a person he did the right thing.
Isn't that the kind of man you wanna be partners with? It's the kind of man dad wanted to be friends with, I know that much"

Elsewhere, Rita asks Todd to come and look at a leaky pipe that has kept her awake all night. He initially says yes but later on, Pat discourages him from doing simple favours.While Pat is dishing out his words of wisdom, Jason ignores a phone call from his dad. Oh no. I wonder what this was hinting at.  Jason's just missed his last chance to speak to Tony I should think. Todd is also in the process of looking for a new flat. In the meantime, he'd like to move back in at Number 11, but Eileen refuses because she wants space for herself and Pat. Why has she become so silly? As well as all this, Kate gets a phone call to tell her that Caz has been in an accident. Hallelujah! And she's being sent home. Oh dear.  Oh, and some more things were said about Nick's brain damage, which has conveniently been wheeled back in just in time for what I suspect will be a dramatic breakup with Carla.

"Aw, Come On Eileen..."
"That really wears thin after the hundredth time"

A rather enjoyable episode, although I'm not overly keen on the Michelle/Will storyline, no matter how dreamy Will's eyes are.  I actually rather enjoyed the cannabis storyline scenes in last night's episode as well, a great way to swiftly move it forward.

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Anonymous said...

If Eileen wants 'space' for herself and Phelan,why doesn't she kick out Sean instead of her son.It was the same situation when she was with Paul,she kicked out Jason to make room for Paul's wife Leslie but again Sean was allowed to stay.
I did wonder what does Todd who's a florist know about plumbing?

Anonymous said...

It does not require a plumber to clean the eavesthrough.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know this answer to this? How old is Ryan Connor? As it's Michelle's 40th birthday on Friday, I was wondering how old Michelle was when she had Ryan? She must've been pretty young. Just curious

Ancient corrier said...

I think Michelle was 16.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ancient corrier.That'd be about right.

Anonymous said...

What does Todd know about plumbing? How about, what does Todd know about being a florist?!

Anonymous said...

There's something about Will that I don't like. Can't put my finger on it.

And he looks much younger than Michelle.

Anonymous said...

sean is a рaying lodger - i don't know about her sons

Anonymous said...

sorry to be рicky jordan - but Rita asked jason to fix the рiрe,and who helрed todd look for a flat? himself? Sorry mate, I really like your reviews, just asking for a closer check that's all, cheers

Anonymous said...

I see the grammar nazi has surfaced again. I agree with the comment above - Sean brings rent to the table, not sure about Eileen's sons. What did Todd do for a living before he went to London, does anyone recall?

Ancient corrier said...

Didn't he go to college? And then university when he left. I think it was to study law.

Flo said...

I didn't quite get the point of Alya getting her granddad to change his mind. Nice gesture, but Gary is still in a heap of trouble. Was this whole storyline a way to get Gary and Alya back together? If so, I sure hope they will finish it out instead of just dropping it. I'm still not sure what happened to Carla buying shares of the pub!

Anonymous said...

Rita did ask Jason to fix tap but he was busy and Todd offered to go and have a look at it for her

abbyk said...

I like your reviews, Jordan, but disagree about Alya and Gary. She's bright, sharp and ambitious and he's a slug, in spite of the Manager name tag he wears at work. Preferred him with Izzy but the whole Windass clan can pack up and go as far as I'm concerned (just leave Faye with Tim).

Yeah it is odd that Eileen would keep Sean and bar Todd but then again he is old enough to be earning and paying his own rent. Didn't hear an offer to pay from him.

Anonymous said...

I think both sons do pay board but perhaps the reason that Sean stays is that he likes Phelan whereas Todd is suspicious of him.

Shells said...

I too have to respectfully disagree re Alya and Gary! Each to their own! I think they are a terrible mismatch.

Emma Hynes said...

I think Gary and Alya have chemistry. On paper, they mightn't make sense, but there are plenty of couples like that. I thought the moment outside the house when he thanked her for fighting his corner and they were interrupted by his phone ringing was brilliant. I hope they get back together.


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