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Sunday 24 April 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for April 18 - 22

Love Rat award: I don't trust Will. He has absolutely no respect for either his own fiancee or Michelle's marriage and is determined to prey on her vulnerability.

Domestic award: Nick is cooking for Carla. Dinner's on the table!

Dressed to cheat: Michelle felt she'd been let down one too many times by Steve so she's in short skirts and deep cleavage and a full face of slap, determined to get some validation from the smarmy Will.

Grasping and Greedy award: Phelan might say they have to do their bit for the community but he's also going to charge Yasmeen to put the community centre right, even if it is Mates' Rates, at least so he said.

Musical ambiance: "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics while Carla is on the phone to Kate on her cancelled wedding day. "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac while Michelle and Carla talk about Carla's future in Devon and Michelle's possibly broken marriage. Dreams found and lost.

Little Ray of Sunshine award: Nick is volatile, tempermental, sarcastic and rude. Someone wee in your conflakes, Tilsley?

Mark your Cards: I think Todd is probably a much more worthy opponent than Michael was. He's certainly slyer but he probably shouldn't have tipped his hand so early.

Lines of the week:
Kirk: "they used to think I was stoned in school all the time" Beth "I thought you said you never smoked in your life?" Kirk "I didn't. This was just my natural expression!"
Nick "I must have listened to Karma Chamelion three times and believe me, it doesn't get better with repetition"
Carla to Nick "Just because you're the godfather, doesn't make you Marlon Brando"
Nick "Considering who the father is, she'll be lucky the baby doesn't burst into flames when Billy starts sloshing the holy water around"

Sally "Not triangles for serviettes, Sophie, we're not a motorway service station" (chuckle)
Gail "I love it (the cake) as long as it doesn't become my new nickname" David "To No Nuts, everyone!"
Todd about Eileen "I reckon if Jack the Ripper turned up on her doorstep with a bunch of dead carnations, she'd call him a Top bloke, too.
Bethany to David "All right, keep your unfashionable hair on"
Sally "It'll be on your empty tomb. 'I would've been here but I got waylaid'"
Rita "Sally is many things but she's no fool"
Michelle "I'm 40 years old, I know what I'm doing" (no, you don't)
Todd "Know your enemies is what I've always said" (I think Phelan's card has been marked)

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Anonymous said...

Hyporcrite award ,I don't feel sorry for Michelle. The worst part is,she railed at both Liz and Steve [who became depressed]for keeping quiet about Tina's and Peter's affair and now she put Liz in the same position against her son, keeping her tryst with Will a secret aware that should he find out, it could drive Steve into a relapse.

Anonymous said...

That photo summarizes Michelle in a nutshell - perpetual victim, she of the folded arms and frowny face.

Rapunzel said...

Double Bluff Nomination - did anyone else catch the sideways look that Liz's new fella shot his "son" when he called him "Dad" (and asked for money)? What's the bet he's also the grandparent, not the parent?


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