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Monday 25 April 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 25 April

Monday 25th April
JASON’S LUCK HAS FINALLY COME IN Jason and Phelan head to the community centre to put right the damage but Tod remains convinced that Phelan was behind the break-in. Todd, Jason and Yasmeen head to the builder’s yard hoping that the CCTV camera there might have picked up the intruder who broke into the community centre. Phelan arrives and points out they’re wasting their time as the camera is unplugged. Yasmeen thanks them for all their hard work and hands them a  generous cheque. An uneasy Todd looks on.
MICHELLE’S ROCKED BY WILL’S ANNOUNCEMENT Michelle’s grumpy after a restless night. Steve reckons it’s because she’s got used to having the bed to herself but Liz has her own suspicions. As Steve goes to hug Michelle, she pulls away suggesting they talk later.  Steve’s left disappointed and confused. Liz confronts Michelle demanding to know if she spent the evening with Will. Michelle admits she did but assures her nothing happened. Will calls in the Rovers and drops the bombshell that he’s split up from Saskia. Michelle’s stunned.
THE POLICE HAVE NEWS ABOUT TONY As Eileen settles down for an evening in front of the telly, she’s interrupted by a visit from the police.  They explain they’re looking for Jason as they need to talk to him about his father.
ELSEWHERE When Alex turns up with another hangover and tries to blag a tenner out of Cathy, she tells him he can earn the money by cleaning out the freezer. Chris calls in the Rovers looking for Amy’s mum. As Steve explains that Tracy works in the flower shop, Liz quickly intervenes and drags Chris into the back. Both equally embarrassed, Liz and Chris confess that Amy and Sam are their  grandchildren and they lied about their own ages. Is this the end? A distracted Billy snaps at Sean.

Monday 25th April
JASON RECEIVES SOME SHOCKING NEWS Eileen breaks the news to Jason that Tony was found dead in his flat with a suspected heart attack.  Jason’s shocked to the core. When Jason discovers that Tony may have lain dead for three days, he blames himself.  Phelan calls at No.11 and when he hears the news, he gives Eileen a comforting hug. Todd watches him skeptically. Clearly angry, Jason tells Eileen that he blames Liz for Tony’s death because if it weren’t for her, he’d still be living near his family and they could have saved him.
MICHELLE PUTS WILL TO BED Michelle explains to Will that their kiss was a mistake and she loves Steve. Will is dejected. Tim assures Steve that Michelle missed him terribly whilst he was away and  Steve resolves to make it up to her. Weighed down with guilt, Michelle steels herself to tell Steve about her dalliance with Will but she’s thwarted when Steve presents her with a flowers telling her how much he loves her.
SEAN’S PROUD OF BILLY’S CARING ASIDE Billy apologises to Sean for snapping at him and blames it on the stress of his job. As Sean and Billy discuss the shocking news about Tony, Billy’s phone rings.   It’s from Lee and Billy quickly kills the call.  Sean’s none the wiser.
ELSEWHERE Alex asks Cathy for his money. Cathy reluctantly hands him a  tenner and warns him not to waste it on booze. Liz reveals to Erica how she and Chris were playing the same game and both lying about their age. With the first aid course over, Rana playfully suggests they nip back to No.6, but Zeedan refuses, telling her he respects her too much.  Rana’s put out.

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Anonymous said...

I had a feeling Chris was Sam's grandad. It was the way Sam said "Dad" the other night, similar to the way Amy called Liz "Mum".

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Steve had his teeth done in Spain ?!?

Anonymous said...

If Alex is working in the café, why does he need extra money from his aunt to go drinking?I'm disappointed in yet another character turning to alcohol to forget their problems.
Michelle almost sleeps with her client's fiancée and she's 'shocked'he canelled the wedding?!
I wonder how soon before Will tella all to Steve.


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