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Friday, 29 April 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 29 April

Friday 29th April
JASON LASHES OUT AT EVERYONE Jason, Todd and Phelan set off for Tony’s flat to start packing up his belongings. Jason, Todd and Phelan set to tidying up Tony’s flat.  As Jason pulls out a suit for Tony to be buried in, he’s overcome with emotion and heads out upset. Phelan lies to Eileen making out he’s got to find new digs.  Eileen takes the bait and thanking him for all he’s done for Jason, insists he must move into No.11. In the Rovers, Eva and Aidan do their best to comfort grieving Jason but Jason turns on them, giving Aidan a violent shove.
NICK HAS A TERRIBLE SETBACK As Nick appears in his running gear, he careers into Kylie spilling her drink.  He stares at her, struggling to recognise her and Kylie’s concerned. Nick confides in David that his brain injury symptoms are getting worse and at the doctor’s recommendation, he’s going for a scan.  David urges Nick to tell Carla.
THERE’S SOMETHING TROUBLING BILLY Eva tells Sean about Billy’s kindness towards a homeless kid the other day and how he gave him £20.  Sean swells with pride. Sean compliments Billy on his good deed unaware of Billy’s discomfort. Billy gets a call from Lee begging him for more money.
ELSEWHERE As Audrey leaves the Kabin, Ken gazes wistfully after her.  Rita suggests Ken should hurry up and make a move. Making out to Zeedan that her phone’s been playing up, Rana suggests a drink after work. Alya reckons Rana is taking him for a mug. Ken calls in the salon and invites Audrey for a drink. When Zeedan clocks Rana flirting with one of the doctors outside the medical centre, he heads over and quickly introduces himself as her boyfriend. Alex asks Cathy to let him stay with her as Nessa is trying to force him to move to Scotland.

Friday 29th April
THE FLOODGATES OPEN FOR JASON As angry Jason locks horns with Aidan, Phelan wades in and threatens Aidan. Johnny comes to Aidan’s rescue and punches Phelan. Billy threatens to punch both of them if they don’t behave. Insisting he wants to be on his own, Jason heads out of the pub.  Eileen watches him go, deeply concerned. Aidan and Eva put pressure on Johnny to apologise to Phelan. Eileen breaks the news to Todd that Phelan is moving in. Phelan finds Jason on Maxine’s bench.  An upset Jason admits he feels lost without his Dad. Phelan gives him a comforting hug before heading off. Johnny catches up with Phelan and apologises for their earlier spat.  Phelan’s unimpressed and promises Johnny he’ll have his revenge.  Having overheard their exchange, Jenny’s intrigued.
NICK IS CAUGHT IN SECRETS AND LIES Having overheard Nick on the phone, Carla wonders who he was talking to.  Nick covers, making out he was organising a surprise for his bride to be. Nick calls at No.8 and confides in David his scan is booked for Monday and if it proves he can’t be a proper husband, then he can’t marry Carla.
ZEEDAN GIVES RANA A TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE Annoyed at having been stood up, Rana heads to No.6.  She’s stunned when Zeedan dumps her telling her she’s a flirt and he won’t be messed around. Alya tells Zeedan she’s had Rana on the phone in tears.  When Zeedan explains that she’s a game player and got what she deserved, Alya’s impressed.
ELSEWHERE When she hears that Nessa is moving to Inverness with her new boyfriend, Cathy  promises Alex he can come and live with her and Roy. Ken’s disappointed when Kylie and Freddie gate-crash his date with Audrey.  Lee approaches Billy and begs him for more money. How will Billy react?

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Anonymous said...

Oh please, let Alex go to Scotland. I'm sorry but he makes for uncomfortable viewing. Just being honest!

Anonymous said...

Does Cathy now live with Roy? I seem to remember she had a fire in her house. If Cathy is living with Roy in that tiny little apartment she has got a lot of nerve moving her nephew in without asking his permission. Alex can be a handful.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the comments about Alex,I don't think it's fair that Cathy moves her nephew in Roy's flat in his absence.
Maybe it's just me but it seems that Cathy is taking over the café too as Anna is rarely seen working there now.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is, what has Eileen done to her teeth?

Anonymous said...

I wondered about the teeth too, but skipped every Phelan scene so couldn't look in detail.

Anonymous said...

Whatever they're doing to Jason, please make them stop. I lost my father to an instant heartache where there was no way back. Yes I was angry, but I didn't go on a self destruct mission and change my whole persona because of it. This is totally out of character for Jason and we'll all want him gone by the time he's due to leave. Is that why tptb do it?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Eileen? Moving boyfriend into home when her son just lost his father? Kind of sickened me. I mean that is not good judgment at all. I can't wait for Phelan to be out of the show. His whole face contorts when he speaks. Makes me want to throw up and I have to skip through the parts.

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