Thursday, 7 April 2016

Kate Oates takes over at Coronation Street as new producer

New producer Kate Oates has now taken over the reins at Coronation Street. 

In an interview with Ben Price in the Metro, Ben talks about his character Nick Tilsley's brain damage causing all sorts of problems for him in the coming weeks.  He touches on the departure of Carla Connor but doesn't reveal anything of significance, of course.

But he does say this about the future of Nick on Corrie: "I think a lot of people say about their characters that they wish for some happiness but I don’t for Nick. I like Nick in some kind of torment! Tormented is good! I like the idea of the slightly broken man with morals who tries to save his family and he tries to anchor them and be the good guy – and yet he has this difficult side that he can’t control.

"But now, we have a new boss – Kate Oates has started, so it’s up to her!

Asked by Metro if Ben has met Kate, he says: "Yeah, she’s lovely. It’s up to her – my life is in her hands!"

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Anonymous said...

Shame Nick and Carla were never going to last. How could it when she was going. Sounds to me like Nick isn't going anywhere just yet. Which is good news. I like him and he has really grown on me.

Look forward to seeing where Kate Oates takes him. A reunion with Leanne? Hopefully we get to see Nick more involved with his family when Carla goes though. I really enjoy his scenes with David

Cobblestone said...

I too would like to see a reunion for him with Leanne - but whatever happened to that guy who trained Simon's football team? He looked like he was interested in Leanne and then it was just dropped - as was Simon's behavioural problems.

Anonymous said...

Cull The Cast! Cull The Cast! And please, for the love of all that is holy give screen time to more than the Platts!

Anonymous said...

prepare the chopping block!

Anonymous said...

Simon seems to have been dropped period. Wishful thinking on my part can't stand the child. Hopefully he'll permanently move to Portsmouth and let Leeanne have a life!

MartesBC said...

My goodness, this producer is quite easy on the eyes and appears to be ready to be the next barmaid at the Rovers! Since she has this POV let's see what ride she will take us on. From what I have read, I do think she may have 'tram crash ' level aspirations. Good luck to Ms.Oakes...and to us the viewers.

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