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Thursday 28 April 2016

Coronation Street Weds 27th April episode review

Hello! As always, it's Jordan with this week's Wednesday review of Revelation Street.

The majority of last night's episode was dedicated to - you guessed it - the grievance of the Grimshaws. News of Tony's demise is spreading like wildfire throughout the Street. Jason is understandably numb as he sits on the sofa ignoring his mother when she urges him to eat something. Things take a dark turn when he coldly blames Liz. Jason has decided that if Liz hadn't driven Tony away, he'd still be here. Before Eileen has a chance to try and persuade him otherwise, Todd arrives with a bag full of clothes. Despite Eileen's refusal last week, he's decided to move back in as he feels the whole family should be together and Jason agrees.

"Liz drove him away. If my dad hadn't moved, we'd never have drifted apart. I hate her guts"

Over at the café, Anna breaks the news of Tony's death to the Wicked Witch of Weatherfield. The revelation obviously comes as a shock to Tracy, but she simply replies with a request for a bacon sandwich. It's up to Eileen to reveal the tragic news to Liz and she does so in the traditional place- in the back room of the Rovers. Liz is shocked and at first can't believe it.  She can't understand that something like a heart attack could suddenly kill the dodgy man who tried to steal her pub. A rather beautifully executed scene, the two women talk of the 'big' personality of the man they both once loved. They hold hands and Liz concludes that it was never boring.
"He certainly was a big personality. He could make you feel a million dollars"
"And worthless"
"Oh was never boring"

Back at number 11, Billy is trying to console Jason as only a vicar can but he is continuously interrupted by his phone.  This fuels Jason's frustration further and he storms out of the house, insisting on going to work after Eileen forbids him to go to the pub, terrified that he'll take his anger out on Liz. At the builder's yard, Pat is kissing up to the developer for the new Freshco's superstore. (Side note- why is it only now that big supermarkets with cafes are surfacing in Weatherfield?) Pat lies to the developer, making himself out to be the manager of the yard. In order to get Jason out the way, he wickedly encourages Jason to go to the pub and tell Liz exactly what he thinks of her. On his way, Tracy steps out of the shop and seems to pay her respects, singing Tony's praises. However, we all know that Miss Barlow is not capable of committing a completely selfless act and hands Jason a business card for the florists with Tony's funeral in mind. Jason ignores the cunning businesswoman and continues over to the pub. We all know what's coming. He fires a torrent of abuse towards a defenceless Liz as Eileen stands helplessly in the doorway. Back at the house, Jason tells both Pat and Eileen to go to hell. One of them certainly can. Pat reassures Eileen that everything will turn out fine because they've both got him now. Great. Just what they've always wanted.
"You can imagine how cut up I am. He was a really good bloke. So, when's the funeral?"
"Well when you do get round to it, you know where we are"

Elsewhere, Alex turned up at the café hungover yet again and explains to Cathy that a 'few mates' came over the night before and he can't really remember anything. He tells her calmly that he has tidied everything up, but this does not stop Cathy's concern greatening. David offers a haircut to Nick- because he clearly needs one- and the Nick reassures his brother that he has made an appointment at the doctors' next week to discuss the sudden return of his brain damage repercussions. Zeedan has a heart-to-heart with sister Alya about his seemingly failing relationship with the model. I mean the nurse. He is worried that Rana has lost interest in hi because he 'respects' her. Or something like that. And now for the interesting 'elsewhere' portion of the episode. Throughout the episode, the darling Billy was shown to be anxious and constantly ignoring phone calls. Sean has been a little fretful about him lately, but Billy reassures him he's just overworked. Later on, Billy is seen to be handing money to a young lad who tells him it's the last time. It's the same lad who Anna served in the café earlier; he paid in several silver coins. Now, thanks to Billy, he walks off with what looks to be a wad of notes. I wonder what this could be about. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing how this mystery pans out. More storylines for Billy, please! A fantastic character played brilliantly by the gorgeous Daniel Brocklebank.
"Last time, I swear"
"You got what you came for. Now leave me alone"

A rather good episode- great performances by Sue Cleaver and Beverly Callard as Liz. As usual, Phelan was irritatingly nasty. I'd still like to know why he is so wicked. People always have a reason; Pat doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. Villains seldom do.

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Anonymous said...

I know some commenters on CSB have guessed that Lee will turn out to be Billy's son. I prefer the suggestion of another commenter who said he will turn out to be Billy's younger brother, of whom he is ashamed.

I wonder, however, if something Billy said points to the former possibility. While trying to comfort Jason, he made a speech about what it means to lose a parent, who was supposed to be there to take care of you...

Janada said...

Pat Phelan certainly does know what he's doing. "Wind 'em up, watch 'em go." Not the words of an innocent man.

Anonymous said...

Forwarded Phelan again, I don't want to watch that character, sick of how nasty Corrie has become.

Flo said...

I may have missed it, but was anything said about them doing an autopsy on Tony? Are we going to find out that Phelan was somehow involved in his passing?

Anonymous said...

The actor underneath Billy is definitely gorgeous. I am also really likely Liz's hair right now - it's the first time I actually believe that maybe she's a man-magnet. Her other 'do was not nearly as classy as this one.

Anonymous said...

Re Flo. Yes, they mentioned he was going to have a post mortem to discover exact cause of death. Really don't believe Phelan had anything to do with the death, he wouldn't know where he was, Jason only found out after his death that his dad was in Manchester

Anonymous said...

I am sick of Phelan too - totally agree with Janada, he certainly does know what he's doing. Awful, awful character, the sooner he's gone, the better. And he can take stupid Eileen with him.

Anonymous said...

I also would like to see Eileen leave with Phelan but not before she publicly apologises to Anna for not believing her.Not muttered 'do I have to?'apology she gave Tyrone after Kirsty hit Julie but a emotional and sincere one.

Louby said...

I think for Eileen to apologise to Anna, she will first need to see Pat's true colours which I suspect will happen when he gets his hands on the builder's yard and doesn't need her any more. She's also going to have to see Michael with Gail again - well that's my prediction anyway!

coconno196 said...

Twisted logic from Jason. Doesn't the whole Street know that Tony had a fling with Tracey, and it was her idea to cheat Liz out of the pub? Before that Tony was quite happy with Liz. Understandably Liz couldn't forgive the betrayal, but it was really Tracy's behaviour that led to Tony leaving. But of course this is all contrived to give Liz an excuse to leg it to Spain, to cover Beverly Collard's sick leave.

Anonymous said...

Billy may be hinting that his own father abandoned his children hence he was left to raise the younger siblings as best as he could while trying to raise himself.


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