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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Celebrating 15 years of the Fiz-Bomb on Coronation Street

Today, 15 years ago, Jennie McAlpine's first scenes as Fiz Brown aired on Coronation Street. She turned up in the factory with ideas of becoming a clothes designer. But as with such dreams in the back streets of Weatherfield, they turned to nowt and she's been knicker-stitching ever since.

In my Coronation Street weekly update for April 2001, I wrote this about the arrival of Fiz:

"It's Roy and Hayley's 2nd wedding anniversary (hasn't time flown?) and while Roy wants to spend some time with his wife down at the boating lake where they had their first kiss, his plans are thrown awry by the arrival of foster girl Fiona - Fiz, for short.

Fiz is a bit, um, lively and soon has Hayley out shopping for clothes that Roy doesn't approve of. Unfortunately, she also sets the cafe on fire when the Croppers are out at the Rovers. There's smoke and flames everywhere but when Roy chastises Fiz for the mess she's caused, Hayley chastises Roy for the way he's carrying on."

She's come on a bit since those heady days and I wouldn't want Coronation Street to ever be without her!

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C in Canda said...

I wish they'd put more 'fiz' back in the Fiz-bomb. She's been so dragged down over recent years - first Stape, then Hope's cancer, now debt. She used to be so lively, now she's more of a harpy.
I still like her though, and putting her with Tyrone was a great move. They make a nice couple.

abbyk said...

I agree, C in Canada. Thank goodness for first impressions! Fiz used to be so much fun, I guess that's why I still like her despite all the dreariness she's had to endure.

One thing I remember is when she showed designs for fun clothes (kids, lingerie, don't remember) to the original Connors, but was dismissed. My Fiz fantasy would be that she starts making clothes for Hope and Ruby that are so cute they are noticed and she starts selling them at the market. The new Connors won't let her use the machines, but Tyrone or maybe Roy comes through with a good home sewing machine. Ches has experience at the market and helps her on the business end. Maybe doing her own thing would bring back that spark.

Anyway, happy anniversary, Jennie M.

Tvor said...

I like Fiz as well and agree, she needs more fun in her life.

Anonymous said...

The suggestion above for a new career for Fiz sounds very appealing, particularly because it's actually realistic and could involve several members of the Street. :)

So far as her having fizzled - of course she has, children suck the life right out of you!

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia we are a few weeks behind in Corrie and I was watching last nights episode where Fizz is talking to Audrey about Sarah being taken to the hospital and I thought her acting was terrible, all the face scrunching and whining voice that went along with it. Then later when she was talking to Ty about knitting Ruby a hat her acting was great. The Hope storyline did nothing to make Fizz stand out but I would like to see a storyline where she does marry Ty no dramas along the way and perhaps they become foster parents, this would open the door to future stories.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think the character has outstayed its welcome by about five years.

Just my opinion.

C in Canada said...

I like the suggestion of a kid's clothing line by Fiz, I'd forgotten how creative she used to be. Thinking back, she used to dress really quirky too, I'd like to see her 'revert' to that again.

Anonymous said...

Love the Fiz's clothing line idea too! Especially the idea of selling them at the market--maybe would perk up Ches a bit too and if there were teen's stuff Sinead could model them. Shouldn't just be the glamourous, sleek people like Carla, Michelle, Alya who get to be visionary, creative entrepreneurs...why not Fiz, or Ches, or Mary? But in this blue collar world view, the proles get the creative life forces sucked out of them and they end up in dreary dead end jobs as machinists or servers in a kebaab shop.

And, btw, if Tracy (lack of a solid job history, no visible assets, no savings, and probably a criminal record) can get the financing to open an expensive flower shop, why can't Fiz or Ches or Mary encounter a similar accommodating loans officer?

Anonymous said...

I miss the whimsical Fiz with the watering can handbag! (I think Sinead has sort of moved into that role although Chesney is draggign her down -- no idea what that girl sees in him, but I digress) Yes, Fiz is older now and has responsibilities, but she's turned into such a nag. She's too young to be so dour.

Anonymous said...

15 years? times uр I'm afraid Fizz - your bubbles have burst and are just a рale imitation of your former self. Still, 'Annie's' will keeр in work, sorry!

Tee in Canada said...

Thanks for the reminders that Fuzz used to be interesting! I'd completely forgot about her former self.


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