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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Yay or Nay - Leanne and Robert as a Corrie couple?

Ooh, well then.  Judging by the comments that Coronation Street fans are leaving here on the Blog, it's clear that many of us would like to see Leanne and Robert getting together in the show. 

I'm no fan of Tracy and Robert together, they just don't seem to work for me.  I always hoped Robert and Carla might get together after their sub-duvet shenanigans, but it doesn't appear so.  But Robert and Leanne? I'm not so sure, although there are plenty leaving comments on the Blog who would most definitely put these two together.

Last week we saw Leanne declare that she's gone back to her surname of Battersby. And if that's not a recipe for trouble I don't know what is. It could be fun if they did get together. So what do you say about Leanne and Robert as a couple? Yay or Nay?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'd like a period of calm under the new producer and love triangle stories rested for a good long while. I can see Robert and Leanne as partners in both their personal and professional lives. They could support an ailing Nick who stays in the business after Carla leaves. Tracy definitely has no part in this set-up. Time for that tedious character to get her marching orders.

Anonymous said...

Robert is pretty dull. Wouldn't be a fan of them getting together. And if they did that would just give Tracy a reason to start on Leanne. With Carla leaving do we really need her to do the same to Leanne every week?

Wouldn't surprise me if they Put Nick and Leanne back together though

Anonymous said...

Definite yay! There's chemistry between the two, but would Tracy be in the background spitting bile and venom, trying to break them up, as a result of being a woman scorned?

Anonymous said...

Anyone has got to be better than Tracy and her zero chemistry with Robert but I'm not really convinced Leanne and Robert would work TBH. I wouldn't be surprised if they do end up together but Leanne's relationships never really take off. The writers got bored of her and Nick, AND her and Kal very quickly so I doubt Robert would be that different.

Robert had more of a spark, passion with Carla but all the writers did with that was throw in a contrived one night stand story and then made the whole thing revolve around Tracy wanting revenge again.

Anonymous said...

Nay....Leann and Nick are meant to be together!

Anonymous said...

I think Robert and Leanne would be great together, as they have had good chemistry ever since their first meeting on the Street. He is only boring when he is with Tracey (who isn't, for that matter??!)

Anonymous said...

Sure, particularly if it gets Tracy's goat!

C in Canada said...

They'll end up putting Leanne and Robert together, only so that Tracey has an enemy to keep her occupied with her vile plans.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, Robert and Leanne become a couple but she cannot get pregnant. Tracy, on the other hand, despite her weak kidney, has only to stare at Robert to be impregnated by him. She will then taunt Leanne, "Barren Leanne." That does not rhyme, if only she were called Karen.


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