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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 27 April

Wednesday 27th April
JASON’S GRIEF BUBBLES TO THE SURFACE Todd arrives at No.11 and announces he’s moving back in as it’s time they pulled together as a family. Phelan masks his annoyance. Billy tries to offer comfort an angry Jason but he refuses to listen and leaves. Phelan meets up with an important building contractor, George Duggan, to talk business.  Making out he’s the brains behind the operation and Jason’s merely his lackey, Phelan talks George into giving him a building contract.  When Jason turns up drunk he almost costs them the deal. Eileen breaks the news of Tony’s death to a shocked Liz.  In the Rovers, Jason rails at Liz, blaming her for Tony’s death. Phelan puts his arms around Eileen and assures her he’ll always be there for her.
BILLY SHOULDERS A BURDEN ALONE Billy admits to Sean he’s not been himself lately and suggests they need some time together. Eva clocks Billy handing cash to an ill-kempt young lad in the ginnel.  Clearly embarrassed, Billy makes out the lad was a stranger.
CATHY COMES TO ALEX’S RESCUE When Alex is late for work again, Cathy’s beside herself with worry. Alex finally arrives in the caf√©, tired and hungover.  He explains how he had some mates back for a house party and it got a bit out of hand.  Cathy’s appalled.
ELSEWHERE Telling Jason that Tony deserves a good send off, Tracy hands him a card for Preston’s Petals.  Jason can’t believe her brass neck. Zeedan confides in Alya that he may have blown it with Rana as she’s ignoring his calls.

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Anonymous said...

Getting to the point now where I cannot stand Phelan. I wish they would write this nasty piece of work out and Eileen with him.

Also dislike Rana, don't need any cheap tarts on the programme.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me this lad that Billy is helping out is not his long, lost son. Those stories have been done to death! I am quite fond of Billy and hope he stays in the show for a long time.

Anonymous said...

What's billy's secret? Why is he so angry all of a sudden?

Cobblestone said...

I shouldn't think so. I'm pretty sure Billy would be openly supportive of a son, rather than trying to buy him off and keep him secret. After all, he knows Sean has a son. But of course, that would involve the character behaving consistently, so I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

It is more likely that it is someone he had an affair with - and now the young man is trying to blackmail him.

Anonymous said...

The boy is Billy's brother. It is the start of his back story. He comes from a criminal home and is ashamed.

Re "Anon 9.36" "Don't need cheap tarts on this show" Is it because there far too many? This show is built upon cheap tarts, they are a staple.

Anonymous said...

Odd that Billy would be ashamed of his past, given his current job and his Boss' ability to forgive...

Anonymous said...

After reading the blog interview with the actor who portrays Alex and how he considers himself a role model for other actors with Down Syndrome,I'm disappointed that Alex's storyline involves him drinking and being late for work because he's hungover.I think he's showing a lack of respect for his aunt Cathy and for Roy who was kind enough to give him a job and whose flat he's living in.

Louby said...

I don't think Alex lives with Roy and Cathy, at least not yet. Maybe they will offer for him to stay with them as Nessa is mostly not at home to keep an eye on him. I expect somehow he will see the "error of his ways" before long. Drinking too much is a fairly common thing for Corrie characters.

Liam is indeed a role model for people with disabilities and the disabled community in Bradford is quite proud of him.


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