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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 25th April

Hi and welcome to another Monday Corrie review. Apologies that there was no update last week – I was moving house. I've gone from hanging out with Jules, Todd's ex, in Stoke Newington to living near Albert Square. Let's draw a discreet veil over that and on with the review.

It's the start of Jason's exit storyline as his mood goes from great – Evil Phelan has helped win a new contract, Yasmeen calls him a hero for helping with the post break-in community centre, and he even manages to fool her with his joke about the Sistine chapel being in Levenshulme – to distraught, as the police come 'round with the news that Tony has died of a suspected heart attack. Jason starts off feeling regret that he didn't make the effort to see his dad, despite knowing that he was in Manchester, then he turns to anger, blaming Liz for his dad's death. If she hadn't kicked him out, Tony would have been in Weatherfield and Jason might have been able to save him. Surely Tracy and Tony's libido are more to blame?

Evil Phelan's feet are well and truly under the table chez Grimshaw. A dapper looking Todd is on The Case Of The Mysterious Break-In, but Phelan is one (probably five) step ahead of him and has made sure there was no tape in the CCTV system. Now that Michael is out of the picture and Anna has been neutralised, Todd is now nemesis number one as far as Phelan is concerned.

Poor Jason, his father dies and his surrogate father will reveal himself to be a bad 'un, sooner or later. Ryan Thomas's acting in the scene where he found out that Tony had died was superb. Jason hasn't had a lot to do in recent years, and before that it was mostly romantic mishaps, but he will be missed and not just for the ironing scenes.

The prodigal landlord has returned and has a lot of catching up to do re: the women in his life. Amy and Sam, Liz and Chris, Eileen and Michael/Phelan, and Michelle and Will. The latter pair's tale takes a new twist as Will reveals he's dumped Saskia for 'Chelle, but Ms Connor-MacDonald is having none of it, telling him she loves Steve. After taking some bad advice from Carla, who tells Michelle to keep schtum (despite her own sexual misadventures leading her to steal £10K from her business to keep Tracy quiet – surely she should know that honesty is the best fiscal policy?), Michelle sits Steve down to tell him about her tryst with Will. Whether it's the bouquet he's brought, the offers to eat raw fish or the apologies and protestations of love, we don't know, but Michelle changes her mind and Steve is in the dark – for now.

The new, improved, healthier, tanned-er, thinner, ex-smoker Steve buys Eileen a drink, endures her asking why she's never cracked onto him if she likes bald men so much (surely only Dennis and Tony were unhirsute), goes mano-a-mano with Tim, before they bond over lemon puffs, as long as Tim knows not to sit in the comfy chair when Steve's in the cab office. A new comedy double act is born?

Meanwhile, Sean and Billy fall out over Sean's gossiping and solipsism, although they make up after they find out about Tony's death. Also in romantic territory, Rana and Zeedan christen the back room of the community centre (hasn't the place been vandalised enough?), although it turns out later that they were only canoodling because Zeedan respects Rana too much to take it any further. Yasmeen seems happy for them – presumably, Zee's family aren't going to police his sexuality as they did with Alya.

Finally, Alex is skint because he's spent all his money on booze and loose women and we discover that Eva is a very good flosser.

And that's about all for this Monday – see you on the bank holiday.

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C in Canada said...

I'll miss the ironing scenes too ;)

I also had an inkling of a good double act when they put Tim in the cabbie's - he's going to step into Lloyd's shoes.

Anonymous said...

Agree that Tim and Steve are destined for comedy - if only the writers are thinking the same thing...


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