Sunday, 10 April 2016

First-look pics: Michelle snogs Will in Coronation Street

Here's some preview pictures from ITV for the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Friday 22 April 2016.

Michelle confides in Will that she just wants to be with someone who cares about her. 

Will kisses her and she responds passionately.

Michelle leads Will upstairs and they kiss again.

Will Michelle's conscience manage to stop this steamy liaison?

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Anonymous said...

If Michelle had a 'conscience,'[which she doesn't]she wouldn't be having this steamy liaison with another 'client' in the first place.
What is Michelle hoping will happen?That Steve will find her with Will in their bed and have another breakdown?
I also feel sorry for Will's fiancée Saskia who is getting no consideration and who I hope sues Michelle for 'alienation of affection'or better yet fraud.

Anonymous said...

Not looking forward to this at all - I always thought Steve was way too good for Michelle, this storyline just proves it.

Anonymous said...

Steve too good for Michelle?! I'm not a big Michelle fan, but come on...He's the selfish womanizer who cheated on her and was always lying to her--and getting Lloyd to lie to her. Then he almost bankrupted them and now he's abandoned her and his daughter (who he knows needs him because Tracy is the other parent) to live the high life in Spain with his brother.

I hardly call that "too good" for her! The point about her professional responsibilities...don't sleep with your clients--is a much better one. Imagine how successful you would be as a wedding planner if you made a practise of doing that!

Anonymous said...

Meh. Let her go for it. Break up the whole Liz, Steve, Michelle creepy triangle. I can't imagine what Steve gets out of his relationship with her anyway (and visa versa) - all she ever does is complain about him. Time for both of them to move on.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to more arm folding scenes from Michelle when Steve finds out, as soap rules dictate he must.

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