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Monday 11 April 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 11th April

It's a Platt palaver this evening as the family get most of the airtime, which pleased me as I'm a fan of their dysfunctional doings. You do have to wonder if three generations and eight people living in the same semi-detached might get on a bit better with a bit of space between them.

David is unsympathetic to Sarah's sleepless night (she's been up 37 hours and counting), whilst Nick, man of leisure (wear,) is lounging around the salon, in (Baldwin's) casuals like a part time gangster, tilting at "gimmicky" windmills that have an extension on the back, and boasting of eleven hours sleep. Later, he loses a different Devonian restaurant, his dignity as everyone mocks his tracksuit, and then his temper as bully-girl Lauren returns to torment Bethany and insult baby Harry. He throws Lauren's bag into the gutter, and although I imagine that most viewers would have liked Nick to throw her into the street, it's enough to make Lauren and her mother to threaten Nick with assault charges.

Sarah is convinced that there's evil in baby Harry (because of his paternity, not his sleeplessness) and asks Billy to do a Christening service as soon as possible. She wants Todd and Nick to be godfathers to Harry, with Carla as godmother, although that might have been to wind up Gail. She reassures them that if something should happen to her, Gail and Bethany will do the actual childcare, which rather peeves her daughter, who feels that she should be included in the godparental responsibilities.

It feels like Maria's return should have been the A story, but perhaps the writers are easing her back in. She has returned from maternity leave looking after her mum in Cyprus with something to declare, her very own welcome home present: Pablo, a handsome Cypriot, whom Audrey spots kissing Maria on the doorstep and the cheek. Maria states a preference for a proper cup of tea over a bit of afternoon delight with Luke and speaking to Pablo, tells him that Luke would kill her if he knew what the two of them had been up to. The plot, it thickens.

[I did wonder why Luke relied on Kirk to tell him the correct airport terminal - surely a proper millennial would just check his smartphone?]

Izzy is still in pain and Gary asks Dane, the hipster baker-cum-drug dealer to supply more marijuana, leading Sharif to spot some dodgy goings on on the CCTV and to assume that Gary is selling steroids.

Chesney is upset about Joseph living so far away and Gemma tries to cheer him up by drawing a face on a kebab box, bullying him into admitting that he finds Kylie attractive and extracting a pinky promise from him that he'll put in a good word for her with Jason if she doesn't mention to Kylie that Chesney thinks she's a fox. Perhaos Kylie and Jason should get together before they both leave the cobbles?

Unfortunately, Gemma doesn't tell Ches her infamous filthy joke, and it's left to Sinead to properly put a smile on her boyfriend's face by offering to do some more underwear modelling so that they can afford to go to Portugal again to visit Joseph.

Meanwhile, an old toaster sets up Tyrone with a new side project as a scrap metal dealer (he'll hide when the usual scrap merchant comes around), and everyone's watching a new ten week reality show about washing up - I think this might be a pitch by Simon Crowther's to ITV3.

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CK said...

I don't blame Nick for losing it on that Lauren. I would have lost it again with them barging in the house to boot! I was terribly bullied in school and I'd like to see this storyline end as there doesn't seem much point to it now. Why don't the Platts call the police and charge that brat with assaulting Bethany?

Anonymous said...

Most people will probably have cheered for what Nick done. Hate the little bullies and her mum is no better. Can see where the daughter gets it from. Also Hate how Nick is being made out to be the bad guy. He threw a bag big wow. If they think what Nick done was bad they should take a look at their own behaviour.

I enjoyed it last night. Purely because it was filled with the Platts. Love the scenes when they are all together

Unknown said...

I thought that this was one of the most enjoyable episodes ever. The multiple instances of innocent real-life chattering about nothing, Nick blowing a gasket, David (literally) throwing those nasty people out of his house, Tyrone's scrap metal empire dreams, and no Tracy.

When Pablo spoke, was it just me or did anyone else almost think that he sounded just like Mateo from "Benidorm"?? Now that would have made for a hilarious cameo role!


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