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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Nick and Carla to split? Ben Price reveals all

In this week's Inside Soap magazine they've gone Corrie mad, it's great.  Not only are Coronation Street all over the cover of the soap mag this week with Sarah and baby Harry, Michelle and Steve and Carla and Nick there's also Todd and Phelan. Or rather, that should be Todd vs Phelan!

But hold on there just a minute, let's go back to this Carla and Nick business.  The headline screams Destroyed by Betrayal and so my fingers quickly worked to find the article this referred to inside the covers and here it is...

Ben Price, who plays Nick Tilsley, has revealed that his character will be the very picture of anguish when he discovers the facts about Carla sleeping with Robert.

"People's hearts will be broken when it all goes to hell," Ben tells Inside Soap. "And it's going to happen, isn't it? There can't be any other outcome. You'll have the coming together of what Carla's done - sleeping with the chef and the stuff at the Bistro. Nick is going to find out all of it. Plus there's his brain injury - oh God, the poor guy is going to be a mess!

"I don't think Nick is going to be happy for some time to come," Ben says. "He'll be in a dark place for a while."

Better order some more comfy velour leisure wear for Nick to lounge around in while his broken heart mends.

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Tvor said...

It's kind of a no-brainer. He has to find out, and of course, since Alison King is leaving, they'll split up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps now Nick will understand the anguish David felt after he found out his brother slept with his wife and worse was blackmailed into doing a DNA test on Lily. Needless to say I am not looking to Gail's holier than thou attitude when she finds out.

Anonymous said...

I have zero sympathy for David - he's tried to KILL members of his family! I do hope they explore some realistic, prolonged recovery for Nick's brain injury. The fact that it's all but been forgotten until they needed it to help get Carla off the screen is really shoddy writing.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I want Nick to forgive Carla and for them to go off into the sunset to see if they can work it out. Nick eventually returns as he feels that his illness makes him too much of a burden. Would be more heart-breaking and would show that Nick has some depth to his character. He also needs to forgive Robert if they are both going to work in the bistro. Having said that, Kevin and Tyrone have short memories.

C in Canada said...

Well 'Duh'. Carla's leaving the show, Nick is not, so like Tvor said, it's a no brainer.
It's soap law that all secrets come out in the end, in a 'big bang' and there you have it.
I wonder if Nick and Robert have to forgive each other, as Humpty Dumpty suggests? They don't work together in the Bistro anymore, since Nick sold it to Robert and therefore he can wash his hands of the place and move along.

abbyk said...

So many small businesses fail in their first year, it wouldn't be a surprise if Robert finds himself in trouble (look how quickly he gave Leanne a raise). If Nick and Robert can get over the 'we were on a break' one nighter, Nick has the cash to buy back in to the bistro if/when he needs help. A bad move usually but for someone with a brain injury maybe familiarity is what Nick needs.

Anonymous said...

Crap..not more head grabbing and shouting from Nick..he was bagging Leanne while she was married to Peter and now it's just too awful??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous [21;56]David didn't try to kill members of his family namely his mother and brother.on both occasions it was accidents.
Frankly after finding out your brother slept with your wife and your mother knew but kept quiet to protect him would drive anyone over the edge.Which is why I have no sympathy for Nick if he goes into a self-righteous mode with Carla.


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