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Thursday 7 April 2016

Top 25 favourite Coronation Street women - as voted by fans

Our blogger Llifon (on twitter @LlifonJ) has done a terrific job with his countdown of our favourite Coronation Street women.  From starting the polls, gathering the votes and writing all of the blog posts, Llifon has really dedicated himself to the task over a period of months and deserves a pint in the Rovers Return for all his hard work!

Cheers, Llifon!
Here's the list of the top 25 as voted for by YOU. Click on the names of each one to read Llifon's blog posts about the character. Each blog post also shows the character's ranking in the last poll of top Corrie women we ran this poll back in 2012.

1 Becky McDonald
2 Blanche Hunt
3 Deirdre Barlow
4 Carla Connor
5 Rita Tanner
6 Vera Duckworth
7 Hayley Cropper
8 Hilda Ogden
9 Liz McDonald
10 Bet Lynch
11 Audrey Roberts
12 Sally Metcalfe
13 Elsie Tanner
14 Eva Price
15 Alma Baldwin
16 Betty Williams
17 Raquel Watts
18 Kylie Platt
19 Karen McDonald
20 Leanne Battersby
21 Ena Sharples
22 Mary Taylor
23 Mavis Wilton
24 Annie Walker
25 Emily Bishop

Notable exclusions from our poll of top favourite Corrie women are Gail 'simpering idiot' McIntyre and Eileen 'mardy drawers' Grimshaw. 

Who do you think will be in the number one spot? Tune in tomorrow, Friday 8 April at 12 noon to find out!

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Anonymous said...

Elsie Tanner was robbed!

Anonymous said...

Can only be Becky surely?

C in Canada said...

I thought for sure it was going to be Blanche that got #1, so I'm completely at sea for this one.
I'm venturing a guess that it's not one of the older characters, most of the top ones seem to be the newer cast.
Sally maybe?

C in Canada said...

Oh no wait, Sally's already been on the list.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Becky!!!! Hopefully...

Michelle Collins said...

Stella Price, perhaps. Please.

John McE said...

Oh, God! Not Becky.... please! Anyone but her. Norris, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Surely, Elsie Tanner should have been number one?

Beth said...

Becky as number 1 - surely not

Anonymous said...

Gail isn't on the list yet, although I think it should be Amy!

Anonymous said...

Gail? whatever her current surname is.

Anonymous said...

Gail didn't make the list.

missi said...

Please not Michelle MacDonald ( or is she still going by Connor?)

Anonymous said...

WHY is Mary Taylor even on this list?????

Zagg said...

I am surprised that Tina and Gail are not on this list. I mean Mary how could they not be? I suppose it will be Becky as number one, which baffles me. How could Deirdre not be number one?

Anonymous said...

Since she's a Barlow,I have a bad feeling that Tracy will be number one.I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mary on the list? She is so irritating!

Anonymous said...

I presume that those who are saying that Deirdre or Blanche should have been No.1 have never seen legends like Ena,Elsie,Annie,Hilda etc.,?

Unknown said...

Becky or Tina

MartesBC said...

Wow, what a cliff hanger this is... And what fun! Well done Llifon! Thank you.

JJ2000 said...

Glad Becky won, she is definitely the worst deserving.

However, shocked that Tina and Gail aren't on here. And Kylie should be way higher up.

This poll should be done every year or atleast every two years for all the main female and male characters and compared each year. It's quite interesting to see. Will definitely be voting this time.

And people saying that Mary is irritating???? What programme are you watching, she is one of the funniest characters there.

Martin said...

No Minnie Caldwell or Irma Barlow?
Margot Bryant (Minnie) and Sandra Gough (Irma) were superb in the infamous Joe Donelli storyline.

Ans also no Lucille Hewitt (Jennifer Moss). Unbelievable...

Rosie said...

The link for Elsie Tanner is coming up as Sally Metcalfe. Is anyone else getting this error?


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