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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Keith Duffy: "Coronation Street is definitely something I'd do again"

Keith Duffy, who played Ciaran McCarthy in Coronation Street, is interviewed in this week's Inside Soap magazine.  As regular readers will know, I'm a big fan of Inside Soap magazine, it's the only soap magazine worth reading. 

Anyway, Keith talks about how a world of opportunities opened up after he appeared in Coronation Street and he says he owes the show a great deal.

After Boyzone broke up, Keith says: "I got the gig at Corrie and that was huge for me. I owe a great deal to that show, they took a chance on me and it paid off.  And it's given me the opportunity to move into different areas of the entertainment world now."

Keith was in Corrie on and off for more than 10 years as Ciaran.  He last appeared in 2011 and Keith has very fond memories of being in the show.

"I was very lucky in the early days," he says. "I was working with the likes of Johnny Briggs (Mike Baldwin) and John Savident (Fred Elliot) - the characters I'd grown up watching on TV.  To have scenes with them was brilliant. And I made a lot of friends here was well. Chris Gascoyne (Peter Barlow) is still one of my best mates."

Keith also revealed that Corrie is "...definitely something I'd do again. I enjoyed my time there, and they're a great bunch of people to work with."

I enjoyed Keith on Corrie and wouldn't mind one bit if he ever came back.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see him again, liked the character and love Keith Duffy. Also there are too few handsome eligible men on the show.

Gracie said...

I liked Ciaran but there's no point as Peter is not currently appearing and Michelle's married to Steve (even though Ciaran and Michelle were much better suited)

Anonymous said...

Would love to see him back, Robert could employ him in the bistro, he was an excellent chef as I recall and would make a great love interest for Leanne.

Tvor said...

I'd like to see him back, too. The Conversation Street podcasters came up with a much better scenario for Michelle, in that this current story would have been a lot more believable if it had been Ciaran that came back rather than someone she dated at the age of 14. Ciaran would have been a much bigger threat and temptation to Michelle. I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Yes please. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish. Loved Ciaran and I agree he'd be a good addition to the bistro. We can dream

Anonymous said...

Bring him back! Quick!

Unknown said...

Yes Kate Oates! Bring him back! Chef at the Bistro and get him with Leanne.

vintgal003 said...

Ms Oates - if you are reading.....please bring back this awesome guy!! It is been TOO long since we saw him!!

Laura said...

Yes let him come back and take Michelle off for a permanent cruise!!!

Anonymous said...

Peteris now back for another sston in Corrie + Michelle is no longer married.


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