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Friday 15 April 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 15 April

Friday 15th April
GARY TAKES THE FALL FOR IZZY Izzy asks Gary if he’ll score her some more dope. When Dane calls at the gym for Gary, Sharif’s deeply suspicious and phones the police. As Dane leaves the gym, he bumps into Gary and hands him some cannabis just as the police arrive. Anna calls at Izzy’s flat.  Suddenly Izzy panics, thinking Jake is playing with her dope tin. Anna’s furious to realise Izzy is still taking drugs whilst in charge of her son. Having found nothing on Dane, the police let him go but finding a quarter of cannabis on Gary, they arrest him. As Izzy and Anna row over her drug use, they’re stopped by a phone call from Erica informing them Gary’s been arrested. Anna turns on Izzy wanting to know if she’s going to tell the police what this is really all about.
MARIA AND LUKE ARE IN HIGH SPIRITS Maria begs Luke to give her another chance, explaining how she only wanted to help Pablo and his boyfriend because she felt sorry for them. Luke’s unimpressed. In a desperate bid to win him back, Maria dons a lion costume and approaches the  garage. Kevin and Tyrone watch amused as Maria declares her undying love for Luke. Will he forgive her?
THE CORONATION STREET SIGN GOES MISSING Fiz reminds Tyrone that he needs to start shifting some of the junk he’s amassed. When Norris and Mary find the iron street signs missing from the walls, they accuse Tyrone of taking them to sell them on. Tyrone’s incensed.
ELSEWHERE Sinead goes down with a bout of flu and tells Chesney he’ll have to fly to Portugal alone. Sarah asks Todd if he’ll be Harry’s godfather. Todd’s touched and accepts.

Friday 15th April
IZZY TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER ACTIONS As Izzy heads off, a woman on a mission, Erica ushers Anna, Sharif, Dev and Zeedan into the gym. Sharif admits that he called the police on Gary and Anna puts Sharif straight, explaining the cannabis was for Izzy. When Erica confirms that Izzy uses weed for pain relief, Dev’s surprised to learn of Erica’s involvement whilst Sharif remains adamant he did the right thing as Gary was acting illegally. Izzy hands herself in at the police station and explains that Gary was buying the drugs for her. Gary’s released but charged with supplying drugs. When Izzy finds out she’s made matters worse and Gary is now on a drugs supply charge, she’s devastated but she refuses to give up the weed and tells Anna that if she tries to take Jake from her, she’ll be the one calling the police.
SARAH REACHES OUT TO KYLIE When Billy calls at No.8 and tells Sarah he might have to postpone Harry’s christening, Sarah’s furious and insists it has to take place on Monday. Billy and Kylie are taken aback at her overreaction. Billy calls on Sarah again and confirms he can now fit Harry’s christening in on Monday. Sarah’s enormously grateful.
TYRONE HITS HIS TAXI TARGET Norris and Mary call at No.9 and apologise to Tyrone for wrongly accusing him of stealing the street signs which they now know have been removed by the council for  cleaning. Norris gives Tyrone an old fridge as a peace offering. Tyrone’s thrilled, pointing out to Fiz that he should now be able to afford his taxi licence.
ELSEWHERE Whilst babysitting for Tyrone and Fiz, Luke gets down on one knee and proposes to Maria. A flu-ridden Sinead’s misery is compounded when Chesney tells her he’ll be staying with Katy and Joseph in their apartment. Chesney leaves for Portugal and Sinead confides in Fiz that she reckons Chesney would rather be anywhere but with her at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Who plays Pablo? Am I the only one that thinks that he looks like the guy who most recently played Ryan Connor, Michelle's son.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are. Only likeness is that they're both male and have short dark hair

Anonymous said...

Izzy is a junkie. And a selfish one at that. Finish this storyline now, it is carp!

Anonymous said...

Really? Izzy a junkie? Must be nice to get through the day without tearing your hair out in pain, or lifting your child without sparks flying up and down your legs. It's people like you who have criminalized a drug that has proven medicinal and therapeutic uses so that people who AREN'T in fact junkies have to turn to OPIATES and other more dangerous drugs. Well done you.

Anonymous said...

Maria dresses in a lion costume to win Luke back? Who writes this stuff, the local kindergarten class?SO NOT worth my time anymore.

Flo said...

Wow, obvious Anon at 7:13 hasn't ever dealt with chronic pain. I know of several people who have used marijuana just so they can get thru doing basic stuff due to various illnesses. I would hardly call them junkies. I am intrigued by this story line as I know someone with the same disease as Cherylee Houston. I want to see how they resolve this issue. Fingers crossed it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

I am curious though, why did she think going to the police would get Gary off the hook? That part was kind of stupid.

Zagg said...

Maria in a lion suit? Why on earth would they think this was cute? This is one epic failure of a story line. What a horrible way for her to come back to the show. Wasn't she so traumatized by the Marcus debacle that she had a breakdown? How could they think this was a good way to go? We've seen some real corkers for storylines on this show, but this really tops it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Maria would regard marriage so disrespectfully. Also Luke has a right to be upset....I would run in the other direction if I were him.

Beth said...

In order to keep Maria on the street they come up with this drivel of a story. Maria ran out of steam ages ago. She's even looking awkward in the character now. Long past her sell by date on the street.

Louby said...

How long did the scriptwriters have to write a return storyline for Maria? And this is the best they could do? Has Maria ever had a storyline that doesn't involve her being in a relationship, or trying to be in one?

Flo said...

The only good part of the Maria storyline has been Kirk's comment about not being invited to the wedding!


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