Thursday, 21 April 2016

Girlfriend for Alex on Coronation Street

Liam Bairstow, who plays Cathy's nephew Alex in Coronation Street, is interviewed in this week's Inside Soap magazine.

He talks about playing Alex in Corrie and his current storyline which sees Alex go off the rails, just a little. He starts drinking and proves a handful for his aunty Cathy, played by Melanie Hill.

His mum Nessa wants Alex go to and live in Scotland with her and her new boyfriend, but Alex wants to stay in Weatherfield.  He turns to drinking to help him cope with his mother moving away.  However, Cathy then asks Alex to move in with her and Roy in the flat above the cafe.

Liam says he's excited about becoming a more regular fixture in the show now that Alex is moving onto the Street.  He says: "It's really emotional."  He also reveals there could be love in the air for Alex too. "There's been talk about a girlfriend in the long term. It's great being recognised when I go out now. Girls wave at me and someone asked me for a selfie the other day!"

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Anonymous said...

Are you flaming kidding me?! This character is in the process of trying to maintain a roof over his head, get some sort of consistent employment and deal with seems like a growing alcohol problem - and now we need to add a girlfriend to the mix?! Talk about directionless.

The.HR.Doctor said...

Really... and they wonder why every fan ever surveyed yearns for the old days...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous'[21;43] comments about Alex who does need to get his life organised before embarking on a relationship.
I also don't like seeing another character turning to alcohol to forget their problems. I think it's not fair that after dealing with Carla's drinking problems that that Roy would have to deal with Alex's as well soon after his return from his mother.
Is there even room for Alex in Roy's flat?

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