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Saturday 16 April 2016

Corrie weekly update - Velour leisurewear and a bit of chitty chat chat

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Tyrone decides to save up to buy a cab-driving license so that he can earn money to pay off the mahoosive debt for the over-the-top Christmas he paid for a few months ago.  He starts collecting scrap metal and so when the street signs disappear, Norris has Tyrone pegged as suspect number one.  Mary makes Norris apologise later when it turns out the signs have been removed by the council for cleaning.
At Victoria Court Fitness, Gary gets more drugs for Izzy from his mate Dane.  Sharif decides there’s something shady going on between Gary and Dane and calls the cops who arrest Gary for possessing cannabis.  Izzy takes herself to the cop shop and tells them to release Gary, saying he was getting drugs for her. This makes things worse for poor Gary as the cops upgrade his charge from possession to dealing. 
Nick loses his temper when he comes across Bethany being bullied on the Street.  He chucks the bully’s bag onto the cobbles and throws a wobbler too.   He also spends too much of this week wearing a velour “It’s not velour!” leisure suit.
Sarah’s desperate to have baby Harry christened, believing that the baby will be protected from the evil of Callum. It doesn’t make sense, of course, but Sarah thinks it does. She gets Billy the Vicar to rejig his diary so that the christening can take place on Monday next week.  Godparents are chosen in the form of Todd, David, Nick and Carla.   

Maria returns from Cyprus with gay husband Pablo in tow. She’s married him so that Pablo can be with his boyfriend in London. It’s an arrangement that works for Pablo and Maria but it’s one that Luke, as you can imagine, isn’t very keen on.  Pablo’s as camp as Christmas and so when he tells David in the salon: “My parents don’t know I’m gay,” David replies with “Have they not met you?”  There’s a wonderful line of dialogue when Audrey gets annoyed with all the chattering going on in the salon and tells her staff to get back to work:  “Gossip, gossip, chitty, chitty, chat, chat.”  Well, there’s only one thing to do with a line like that…  

When Pablo waltzes off to that London, Luke realises how much Maria means to him, gets down on one knee and pops the question to her.  In desperate need for a storyline, Maria says yes.  As an aside, did anyone else wonder where little Liam was when Maria and Luke were babysitting for Fiz and Tyrone?

Finally this week, Sinead catches cold after doing a modelling shoot. Snivelling on the sofa, she waves Chesney off as he flies out to Portugal to spend time with his son.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Never mind who was taking care of Liam, what about Ozzie - who has been taking care of him in the last six months when Maria was gone?

Anonymous said...

I think Kirk was looking after Ozzie while Maria was gone.
After months of scrimping because according to Fiz, it's Tyrone's fault they're broke and cannot afford treats for the girls [mainly Hope],how is it that suddenly Fiz and Tyrone can afford to go out?

Rapunzel said...

Re Liam. All they had to do was have Maria come downstairs too mentioning that he was sleeping in Fiz and Tyrone's bed


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