Thursday, 28 April 2016

First pics of Coronation Street set being demolished
With thanks to Coronation Street fan Amy Cannon on twitter for her pictures.  

The pictures show that work on demolishing the old Coronation Street set at Quay Street has, sadly, begun.
What's to become of the old Coronation Street set?  There was a rumour that some of the pieces might be saved by the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).  We contacted MOSI when we blogged that a few months ago but have not received any reply.

The site will become a neighbourhood for ‘culture, enterprise and living’ - including 2.8 MILLION sq ft of work and event space; public realm improvements; riverside parks; hotels; arts venues; shops; cafes, restaurants and bars; and 1,450 homes.  Find out more at the Manchester Evening News.

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Louby said...

That is so sad. I understand that it couldn't stay like that forever, but it's a shame that none of it could be saved and relocated elsewhere. People would have carried on visiting it I'm sure.

Cirah Quinn said...

Such a shame! If you ask me that set should be preserved,its part of British History and I really wanted to visit it!Is there exterior set for Coronation Street now?

Anonymous said...

It's really unfortunate that parts of it couldn't have been saved and set up as a small Coronation Street Museum. I'm sure some big corporate donations could have funded it, what advertising it would have been for them.

Anonymous said...

This is like watching an old friend being murdered - please stop showing us!

Anonymous said...

In the words of Septa Unella (Game of Thrones): SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

A Northern Lass said...

I was a tour guide there right until the end on the 31st Dec last year. I loved showing people round and seeing their faces when we went into the Rovers Return and they stood behind the bar and when they stepped out onto the cobbles to the theme tune for Corrie 😃. It is very sad that it's being demolished, I also think a museum to the Street would bring in many more visitors to Manchester, the 'Northern Way of Life' as Tony Warren called it, should always be preserved. I personaly have re-created my very own Corrie Corner in my home in Blackpool for friends and family to visit who didn't get the chance to go on the tour before it it closed, in thanks, they then purchase a wrist band for the pleasure beach or a ticket for the zoo, theatre or circus for families who stay with us for a little free holiday who sadly have a child with a terminal illness 😔

Anonymous said...

Northern Lass, bless your heart! :-)

Kate said...

I definitely hope as much of the set is preserved as possible. This is history!

RhythmMan 14 said...


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