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Friday 8 April 2016

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Females - No. 1


Duration: 2006-2012
Played by: Katherine Kelly
2012 character poll position (women): 4

In the course of six years, Becky went from a drug dealer who stole Roy and Hayley’s Morris Minor to a much loved Corrie character. She was brought in as an old friend of Kelly Crabtree who she soon framed for theft. She fled the street but returned and found refuge with the Croppers, but soon took advantage by stealing from the till. As always, Roy and Hayley forgave her and thus began a beautiful friendship. 

Becky soon became the latest in a long line of strong Corrie women who were always knocked down but got up again still fighting. After a romance with Jason Grimshaw, she embarked on an affair with Steve McDonald who was at the time in a relationship with Michelle Connor. They were found out and after much trial and tribulations they finally married. 

Becky and Steve’s marriage was marred with difficulties: Becky’s failure to conceive a child; Becky then buying her nephew Max and then losing him to Social Services; Becky looting from the Corner Shop; Becky’s drunken rampages and being framed by a police sergeant; and Tracy Barlow’s return and her aim at ruining the marriage. 

But side by side with all this drama, Becky would star in humorous scenes involving Roy, Hayley, Ken Barlow and Blanche. By 2011, Becky and Steve’s marriage was over thanks to Tracy and although Becky tried to carry on with her life, Tracy was determined to ruin her life. She lied about Becky pushing her down the stairs which made her lose her and Steve’s twins. When Becky found the evidence, she was triumphant and revealed the truth on Steve and Tracy’s wedding day – after they were married. 

Becky made a tearful farewell with new beau Danny and left for a new life in Barbados, having ruined Tracy’s scheming.

Were you a fan of Becky? Should she be at No.1?

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Emma Hynes said...

A very interesting conclusion to a great poll Llifon. Congrats on all the great work!

Rebecca said...

I must be the only one who never warmed up to her. Surprising result!

C in Canada said...

I was so glad that Becky got her happy ending with a decent bloke and a little laddie to care for...and in Barbados too!
The writers couldn't have gotten that more 'write'. lol

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is Rebecca Katherine. Nuff said!

David the Wavid said...

The top three were all recent-ish departees - absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I didn't care for the character and I don't think she deserves number 1 over true legends like Hilda, Elsie and so on.

Anonymous said...

why not Tina then david?

70sStreetFan said...

I think that you're right David- certainly in the case of Deirdre and Becky. I've never seen either rank particularly highly in previous polls.

70sStreetFan said...

Actually,I see that Becky was the fourth ranked woman in 2012 poll,but Deirdre was only No.20. Likewise,in the 2010 Corriepedia Poll,Deirdre came in at No.34. So,I would say there is still an understandably sentimental feeling for her character at the moment,following the sad death of Anne Kirkbride.

Molly The Retro Gal said...

I don't agree should have Bet or Elsie

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, you aren't the only one who didn't warm up to Becky. I got tired of her drunken rampages and the storyline that had her so unbelievably obsessed with Max that she left Sunita lying in the the rubble so she, Becky, could steal the money to buy Max just finished it for me. I think KK is an outstanding actress but I just didn't like the way her character was written. Much like what the writers are doing with Carla now.

I have to admit, though, that one of my all time favourite Corrie scenes was watching a weeping Tracy in her wedding dress collapsing into the gutter, and we have Becky to thank for that.

Bonnie from Canada

Anonymous said...

I always like her in the Becky character. She brought interest to the storyline with her feistiness.Some of the female newcomers are boring and uninteresting since Becky left.
I also was delighted to discover her on Happy Vally, a great BBC production on Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt the actress underneath this character is absolutely brilliant. However, I just can't accept that given the extensive history of this show, Becky is the favorite female character of viewers. Seems like viewers who voted have short memories (or recent birth dates).

Sherrilan said...

Very interesting indeed. Glad Becky took top spot. Anyone who had to put up with Tracey, should be at the top. Hope Katherine finds out about her triumph.

Anonymous said...

It can't just be about the taste of young voters. If that were true, Tina McIntyre would have been on the list - which, thankfully, she was not.

Anonymous said...

Becky was also great in the Romania video with Roy and Hayley ;)


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