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Wednesday 13 April 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 13 April

Wednesday 13th April
MARIA REVEALS HER MARRIAGE OF INCONVENIENCE Luke offers to take Maria for lunch but she makes out she’s already meeting an old school friend. Audrey’s suspicious. Audrey and Kylie overhear Maria on the phone arranging to meet her friend for lunch in town. When Luke calls in the salon with flowers for Maria, Kylie suggests he delivers them to the restaurant where Maria’s meeting her friend. Luke’s shocked to find Maria there with Pablo. Maria introduces Pablo explaining that his parents don’t know he’s gay and she married him as a favour so he can be with his British boyfriend. Luke’s gobsmacked. In the bistro, Maria tries to justify her marriage to an astonished Luke, Steph and Kirk. Unable to comprehend, Luke heads off upset and Maria’s devastated.
SHARIF’S MASTERPLAN BACKFIRES Sharif installs some expensive new CCTV equipment in the gym, hoping to catch Gary red-handed. Dev reckons he’s wasting company money. Convinced that his mate is not dealing steroids, Zeedan tells Sharif he’s going to set Gary up and prove him wrong. Zeedan approaches Gary and asks him if he can score him some steroids. Gary refuses, horrified. As a delighted Zeedan confirms to Sharif that Gary definitely isn’t dealing drugs, Gary arrives and realises Zeedan was testing him. Realising that Gary has been scoring dope for Izzy, Erica warns him not to jeopardise his job. Will Gary listen?
ANY OLD IRON FOR TYRONE When Tyrone explains that he’s collecting scrap metal to raise some cash, Rita offers him her old washing machine. Tyrone’s delighted. At No.9, Cathy admires Tyrone’s metal haul and suggests to Fiz she should be supportive as he’s doing this for the family.
ELSEWHERE Nick makes David promise not to tell anyone about his recent trauma.

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Anonymous said...

so they just drop the Sophie and Kate thing without really resolving anything? It's so silly of them to build it up to then just leave it hanging for however long.

Anonymous said...

Yes... another example of lazy, sloppy writing that's taken hold of this show. Too bad. This was once a show that could pretty well be relied on to be smart, entertaining and economic --- no storylines or scenes were wasted.

Anonymous said...

What's the status of medical marijuana in the UK? Can people get it with a prescription? Are the producers trying to make a point, or are they just giving Izzy & Gary a storyline?

Anonymous said...

Who was it a few years back married a girlfriend of Tina's so she could stay in the country?

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see this episode in Canada but doesn't the UK have gay marriage? The boyfriend could have married him. Did Maria marry him so the parents will not suspect? The storyline feels contrived and requires too much suspension of disbelief.

coconno196 said...

Anonymous 1931: that was Graeme. I think he first appeared as David's former cellmate. He helped Tina get out of her depression when her father died and they became an item. Then Tina's "best mate" (never mentioned before!) turned up. Her work permit /visa had expired so Tina persuaded Graeme to marry her so she could stay in the UK. But he and the "best mate" fell for each other and moved away. Conveniently leaving Tina free to get off with Peter Barlow and get murdered, though her affair with Tommy Duckworth and being surrogate mother for Izzy happened in between.

MartesBC said...

It's hard to watch poor Izzy suffer so. She would do fine here where I live. Even my old dry cleaners closed and cannabis dispensary openned... They seem to be right next to the Starbucks, yoga studio, and sushi places all over town! This seems to be a good story line with a purpose.

Anonymous said...

Thanks coconno196 for the refresh.


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